Windows cracked reveal

the wind's rally cry:

passionate and unpredictable,

eerie and chaotic.

Howling whispers make their way,

slowly, then all at once,

demanding to be heard,

shaking these four walls.

The wind violently churns its words,

a dialect impossible to decode.

Wind weaves through her hair,

through the threads of her favorite sweater,

and through each layer of her skin,

nestling itself into her soul.

A tide grew unruly within her,

yet she remained without fear.

For she knew the chaos within was Him,

The Lord,


Love's message in the bottle of her heart

among the swirling seas

was a message of change.

She felt the Lord's empathy,

validating her everlasting fear of change;

a loss of security and predictability.

Reassured by Love, the Lord tells her

she has fought long enough.

Passion and joy are riding His breath of wind,

screaming their rally cry for her to find.

-Beautiful Change is on its Way