My Job Is Stressful And I Have No Social Life

My Job Is Extra Stressful And My Social Life Is Crumbling, But Here I Am

Frankly, the only thing that has kept me from going insane is writing stuff like this.


Remember when I said my articles are turning more into blogs? Well, this is one of those weeks. Three headlines, 500 words summarizing my week. I'm just gonna try this and see who actually cares to read this, but I don't even know if I care to read my own stuff (only kidding, my editors would kill me if I thought that). Alright, enough stalling, let's do this.

This week marks a month since I started my new job as a traveling manager in my company. If you don't know by now, my work days are Wednesday through Sunday, I am on a plane every four days, and my weekends start at the beginning of the week. Strange, I know.

At this point, no longer I am the "new guy." Everyone in the company, from the interns all the way up to the CEO, knows my name, which is cool yet absolutely terrifying at the same time. At the level of management that I am at, you have to impress everyone above you, and you have to make sure that the people below you don't hate you enough to quit. It's a lot of pressure.

A lot of the veterans who have worked in my job forever are starting to move on to better opportunities in their life. Honestly, in this job, it's like a ticking time bomb. With all the traveling, eventually, you do want to settle down and try to stay in one place. It's a grind out there, and I don't blame anyone that doesn't want to go through with this job, because you need to be in the right situation with this job. I love my job, don't get me wrong, but I just wonder how long is that love for it going to stay.

Of course, with this type of job and with the days and hours I work, my social life has turned from the highest of highs to the lowest of lows. People hang out with each other on the weekend, and my friends are no exception. Unfortunately, with my weekend being at the beginning of the week, only the people that work with me have those days off.

That's the other thing: I have also failed to make a friend in my company being there after a month. I'm not too worried about it because life has a funny way of telling you it's gonna work out in the end, but you get dragged in the mud throughout that process. Frankly, the only thing that has kept me from going insane is writing stuff like this.

Writing for me has gone stale, but ever since I have switched to this blog style of article, it's renewed my interest in writing. Warning, this is a humble gloat coming up. Without me trying to promote my writing, I have 23K views in the last month. I don't really care about the shares, I just care that people open the link to see what's inside.

So I have settled with the fact all my articles are going to be more like this from now on. My editors are gonna hate editing my stuff, but I have done worse stuff to get fired and somehow four years later they still kept me here. Again, I still don't get it.

I'll work on an outro for these things, so, for now, I'll just say thanks to the head honcho for taking this nine hours too late. Work gets the both of us, am I right?

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