35 Places You Need To Visit In New England This Summer

35 Places You Need To Visit In New England This Summer

The Ultimate Summer Bucket List: New England Edition

If you're a native to one of the six New England states, you know that there is so much to do! The following are wicked cool places to visit and things to do in the area -- be sure to check a few off your list this summer!

1. Fenway Park (Boston, MA)

2. Prudential Center Skywalk (Boston, MA)

3. Newbury Street (Boston, MA)

4. Harborwalk (Boston, MA)

5. John F. Kennedy Presidential Museum & Library (Boston, MA)

6. North End (Boston, MA)

7. White Mountains (NH)

8. Pizzeria Regina (Boston, MA)

9. Sullivans/Castle Island (Boston, MA)

10. Mount Sugarloaf (S. Deerfield, MA)

11. New England Aquarium (Boston, MA)

12. Cliff Walk (Newport, RI)

13. Waterfire (Providence, RI)

14. Lyman Orchards (Middlefield, CT)

15. Mohegan Sun (Uncasville, CT)

16. Gillette Stadium (Foxborough, MA)

17. Colt State Park (Bristol, RI)

18. Jay Peak Resort (Jay, VT)

19. Ben & Jerry's Factory (Waterbury, VT)

20. Funtown Splashtown USA (Saco, ME)

21. The Chatham Squire (Chatham, MA)

22. Cape Cod National Seashore (Wellfleet, MA)

23. Clark's Trading Post (Lincoln, NH)

24. World's End (Hingham, MA)

25. The Breakers (Newport, RI)

26. Ogunquit Beach (Ogunquit, ME)

27. Mystic Aquarium (Mystic, CT)

28. Canobie Lake Park (Salem, NH)

29. Storyland (Glen, NH)

30. Portsmouth Harbor Light (Portsmouth, NH)

31. Public Garden (Boston, MA)

32. Six Flags New England (Springfield, MA)

33. Mayflower Beach (Dennis, MA) *pictured in cover photo*

34. Old Silver Beach (Falmouth, MA)

35. Old Orchard Beach (Old Orchard Beach, ME)

Cover Image Credit: Trip Advisor

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11 Inexpensive Road Trip Destinations For College Students

Because adventure.

College is a time to make memories. It is a time to set out and explore the world. The only problem is that it can be difficult to travel when you’re flat-out broke. Many college students are discovering that while the cost of textbooks and tuition increases, their travel funds sadly decrease. Since jet-setting to Paris or Rome may be out of reach at the moment, many students are resorting to road trips within the United States to fix their case of wanderlust. Not only are road trips much more affordable, but they also allow for more spontaneity and exploration. There are countless of hidden gems just waiting to be explored, so grab some friends, put on your favorite Spotify road trip playlist, hit the road and make memories at these 11 incredible places.

1. Havasu Falls, Arizona

It is hard to believe that such a breathtaking waterfall can exist in the middle of the desert. Thankfully, Havasu Falls is no mirage. The falls are located in a remote region of the Grand Canyon and can only be accessed through a 10-mile hike. The entry fee to the park is relatively low and the overnight camping fee is even lower, making it a great destination for college students on a budget.

2. Great Sand Dunes National Park, Colorado

Instead of spending a semester's worth of tuition on an expensive snowboarding trip, students can try a cheaper alternative - sandboarding. Located in Southern Colorado, Great Sand Dunes National Park is a unique destination that offers a variety of activities. Businesses right outside the park offer the rental of boards, sleds and even skis all specially made for the sand. This means that the rental and entrance fees are the only costs for a fun-filled day of surfing the dunes.

3. South Padre Island, Texas

Whether you head to South Padre for an exciting, fun-filled spring break or for a relaxing weekend getaway, renting a condo is the way to go. The cost of renting a condo can be very low if you split it among several people, which means you can enjoy a tropical beach vacation without breaking the bank.

4. Las Vegas, Nevada

Vegas can either be a very expensive destination or a very inexpensive destination. That's why it is important to play your cards right - and I'm not just talking about gambling. Skip staying the night at the high-end hotels and enjoy their free attractions instead. If you decide to hit the casinos, make sure to keep track of your money - those textbooks don't pay for themselves.

5. Smoky Mountains, Tennessee

In the fall, college campuses across America celebrate the chilly weather with football games, bonfires, and pumpkin-spiced everything. For those who want to switch things up, pack your bags and head to the Smoky Mountains. These beautiful mountains are a must-see in the fall due to the stunning scenery and fall foliage. Try renting a cheap cabin or camping at Smoky Bear Campgrounds to save money.

6. Austin's Sixth Street, Texas

Sixth Street is an iconic and historic street in the heart of Austin. From the exciting nightlife and multitude of bars to the live music and unique art galleries, Sixth Street offers a little something for everyone. For a truly unique Austin experience, stay at the affordable Firehouse Hostel, just minutes from Sixth Street.

7. Daytona Beach, Florida

Located about and hour and half south of Jacksonville, Daytona Beach is notoriously known as a wild spring break destination for college students. While exploring all the concerts, bars and clubs that Daytona has to offer, students can take advantage of the free party bus for easy and affordable transit.

8. Albuquerque, New Mexico

For the low price of only $10 per person, you can experience Albuquerque's annual Balloon Fiesta. A photographer's dream, the Balloon Fiesta offers tons of unique sights, shopping opportunities, and delicious food. If you can't make it to Albuquerque in October, when the Balloon Fiesta takes place, there are plenty of other affordable places to explore. From Sandia Peak to Old Town, Albuquerque offers something for everyone.

9. Rainbow Springs State Park, Florida

For water lovers, this Florida gem has it all. Kayaking, snorkeling, scuba diving and tubing are just a few of the many activities you can enjoy in the crystal clear water of the Rainbow River. Since this destination is off the beaten path, it is an affordable alternative to Florida's Discovery Cove.

10. New Orleans, Louisiana

Two words: Bourbon Street. Full of iconic bars, local jazz musicians and interesting cuisine, there is never a dull moment on Bourbon Street. As if this famous street wasn't crazy enough, in February thousands of college students flock there to celebrate Mardi Gras. Though the prices of drinks can be high during this time, students can save money by booking their hotel ahead of time. For under $100 per night, Astor Crowne Plaza offers guests a luxurious stay on a budget.

11. Pacific Coast Highway, California

Though this one is not quite a destination per se, it should definitely be high up on your bucket list. This coastal highway, also known as Highway 1, hits many of California's major cities such as San Fransisco and Santa Monica. As if a trip to these cities is not exciting enough, the drive itself is extremely scenic. To save money on this trip, try booking cheap hotels or even stay for free at hostels. Of course, with this trip and all of these trips, you are bound to spend some money. But the memories that you will make on these trips will be worth every penny.

Cover Image Credit: StockSnap

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If You Feel Pressure to Study Abroad...Read This

Not everything is for everyone


As Junior year seems to be quickly approaching, there has been a lot of talk among my friends about studying abroad. I seem to be one of few who has mixed feelings. On one hand, I love to travel. I want to push myself out of my comfort zone and take advantage of every opportunity that comes my way. Studying abroad is a rare chance, and for many, it only comes once in a lifetime. When else am I going to be able to fully immerse myself in the country of my choice? And at virtually no added cost? Part of me feels like I will regret not going a lot more than I would regret going. After all, it's only four months...

On the other hand, the thought of packing my bags in August, saying goodbye to my whole family, getting on a flight to the other end of the world, and not coming back until December does not sound very appealing to me. Don't get me wrong--I love to travel. However, I can't help but think of the fact that I am always ready to go home after a 10-day vacation--let alone 4 months. A lot of "what ifs" flash through my mind when someone mentions studying abroad. What if I want to go home? What if I get there and it's terrible? What if my roommate and I can't get along? Then I will just be stuck with them on the other side of the ocean? And what if I need to go home for whatever reason? Do I just lose all of the money for the semester and have to retake all of the classes?

I know there are other students out there who feel the same way as me. I'm writing this to tell you that you're not alone--a lot of us have fears about these types of things. It's normal that we do. We're only human. I think that while some of us are meant to study abroad (and just need a little push), others are not meant to study abroad. Not everything is for everyone. I would compare studying abroad to going away to college. Some students just don't see the appeal of paying thousands of dollars to share a dorm room with a stranger--and although I chose this path, I can certainly understand why someone else wouldn't. I haven't made up my mind about studying abroad yet, but I hope that if I decide it's not for me, my peers would be understanding.

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