The Ultimate List Of Wedding Trends You Need To Know For 2021
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The Ultimate List Of Wedding Trends You Need To Know For 2021

The big day is coming along and you just want to make it the most memorable moment in your life. You´ve been dreaming about it for a lifetime and want everything to be just perfect.

The Ultimate List Of Wedding Trends You Need To Know For 2021

But wait; do you know what the latest trends are? Are you up to date with what is going on in the rest of the world? Have you thought about things like wedding music, or how to entertain your guests in a trendy yet classy way?

I don't mean to be a spoiler, but live wedding music, especially a string ensemble wedding is boiling hot this season.

Do you want to know the full story including the string musicians wedding and the rest of the trends? Read on, fall in love and make your wedding the epic moment you always wanted it to be.

Unplugged ceremonies

In times when social media is hectic and everybody is super connected, having an unplugged ceremony is an oasis. Moreover, it works in a very simple way: you make people disconnect from their phones and have a happy time.

Furthermore, you encourage your guests to remain present at the moment and refrain from using social media. This will grant you a much more lively ceremony in which people can't hide behind their screens.

While at it, some live wedding music unplugged from any source of amplification can prove to be a great ally. Give your ceremony the cosines it needs adding a string section to your wedding.

Once you are done with the experiment, you´ll understand just how much time people spend on their phones too. It is a trend but also high-end sociological research, just don´t forget to hire a good photographer and send everybody their pictures.

Acts of gratitude

Being in love is a gift. Whichever is your belief, you surely have someone to thank for being where you are. Additionally, you surely have to thank being surrounded by so many beautiful people. In that sense, you surely need to make acts of gratitude.

  • Small, meaningful presents – If you have a not-so-long guest list, make a personalized mini-gift to each of the people invited. Let them know that you love the fact that they are there sharing that special moment with you.
  • Express it – Thankful words in the middle of the ceremony are such a lovely act. If you express your sincere gratitude not only for the moment being lived but also for the company, everyone will echo your words.
  • Thank love – A wedding is a long, difficult endeavor, but it is also an act of love. It is that feeling you have for your significant other that gives meaning to the moment. Encapsulate that into words and let everybody know you´re thankful to love.

Outdoor garden weddings

Speaking of wedding music and string ensembles, where do you picture an unplugged, natural wedding if not outside? The latest trend is to have a daylight ceremony somewhere with no roof or walls.

Moreover, the trend involves any space you can transform into a wedding venue. Perhaps that favorite spot you used to go to as a child, or the place you met. There is an infinity of possible spots, just make sure sunlight can add some more light to your smile.

If you were thinking about a nighttime wedding, you have to take a look at our next trend.

Fairy tale lighting

You can start the ceremony in broad daylight and extend the fun when the sun is gone. For this to happen, you have to think about the lighting because it will set the mood for the evening.

In this regard, the latest trend for his year is to utilize fairy tale lighting. This is, instead of using big lamps or state-of-the-art equipment, to rely simply on festoon, exposed bulbs, and string light installations. This shall give the ceremony a dreamy, unique appeal that your friends will talk about for years!

Finally, the best bet is to go for an ultra-classy with an old chandelier and true candles and the above models. You don't have to wear elf ears to be in a fairy tale, it is all about the lighting and the mood.

Colorful, bold brides

The last of the tips here to have the trendiest wedding is to throw away the dress book. Indeed, forget about the classic white dresses with the long dress and the nave accessories. We are in 2021 and this starting decade demands some attitude.

You can pick the color and the length of your dress. You´ll know what suits you the best at the moment, but don´t be afraid of showing some skin. Indeed, it is priceless to look back at the photos and be proud of how bold you were.

Furthermore, you can accessories any way you want too. Do you like heels? Then get a killer pair, but if you don´t, nobody can force you to walk on them on your special day. The same goes for make-up, earrings, and any other accessory you like to wear including bracelets, necklaces, and such.

You are heading towards the most special day of your decade at least. Don´t dress the way anyone else tells you to. Follow the trend, throw away the book and be the classiest, yet trendiest of all brides.


Hiring a string ensemble for your wedding will make it a special occasion. Moreover, if you add to the string musicians for the wedding a suiting scenery mixing classy chandeliers and modern festoon, you´ll arrive at the category of unique.

Add to that the boldest, most outrageously beautiful outfit, a no-phone rule, and the garden scenery and you´re in for a one-of-a-kind event.

Follow these trends for 2021 and make your wedding the best party it can possibly be. Your friends will talk about it for years and you, in time, will be thankful you followed your heart.

Let's celebrate love the way it deserves. Follow these trends and have the party of the year!

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