Every college student, whether it be undergrad or grad, knows of the dreaded all nighters at the library. It's finals week and you do not feel at all ready for that exam at 8 a.m. These are just ten of the many stages of studying at the library the night before your finals.

1.Planning Phase:

This phase can begin even before you are in the library. You reserve a study room, talk to your friends to see if anyone is coming with you. You make sure you have your chargers, notebooks, and lots of coffee. Once you're there; you lay out all your materials, put on some jams and take your last breath of relaxation before you spend the next twelve hours cramming your brain.

2. Focus Phase:

No one can stop you. You've written down 20 vocabulary words, worked through eight equations, and have learned everything you can about the post war economic boom in America. You're going to ace these finals.

3. Social Media Phase:

Checking social media at 2 a.m. hoping for a break from the misery of all of the equations you have in your head when you know good and well everyone is asleep.

4. Food Phase:

Its time to go down to the vending machines or cafe to get loads and loads of ridiculously expensive coffee and food. Then scarf it all down in ten minutes.

5. Bargaining Phase:

Okay so I have an 80 in the class now. If [the professor] puts in the rest of my grades, divide that by the sum of my last four exams, I only need a 75 on this final to keep a C.

6. Struggling Phase:

Walking to the bathroom and relating to the person passed out on the bean bag chairs and then becoming the person passed out on the bean bag chair in your study room.

7. Review Staring Phase:

Taking the pages and pages of hand written notes and staring at them like you are reviewing but actually you are thinking about the oddest things, i.e. is there any fresh milk in the fridge for you to make your favorite tuna casserole later.

8. Giving Up Phase:

You've read it all, you've solved the problems at least 20 different times; you can't possibly do anything else to prepare you for your failure.

9. Leaving Phase:

It's twenty minutes before your exam and its light outside now, but you came in when it was dark.

10. Reality Phase:

Realizing you have to come right back after a nap to study for another final for the next day.

Let the finals grades be ever in your favor.