Rush is often a dreaded and exciting event for many college freshmen looking to extend their social circle. For me, it worked out in the end even though it didn't feel that way at times. Long, cold, exhausting days are just one element of the week that is sorority recruitment,

1. People are actually nice


I was not treated badly by any particular sorority, contrary to what I thought might happen.

2. Comfort over fashion, always


It's way too cold to try to wear heels while walking, and nobody really looks at your outfit anyways.

3. Biggest cuts were before house tours/preferences


The biggest cuts came later in the week for my school at least, and I was not prepared for this.

4. It's not for everyone


If you are one of those people who it doesn't work out for, don't take it personally. People can't really get to know you in a matter of minutes anyways.

5. 'Trust the process' actually works


I'm one of those believers that you actually do end up where you are supposed to.

6. Rush does not define you


Getting cut from a sorority does not mean you aren't pretty, cool, or fun. There are plenty of amazing girls in every sorority, and going through rush will help you find your home.

Happy recruitment!