When I was younger, around four or five years old, I moved to Singapore and lived there for three and a half years. When it was time for my family and I to move back to the US, we decided to build a house near Allentown. Our house was supposed to be completed by the time we moved back so we could move straight into the house, but it was not, and the builders took another six months to complete it. Where did we live you might be wondering? We moved into a suite in a hotel in Allentown, about a half hour from where our house was.

For the next six months, we celebrated holidays and birthdays in that suite, swam in the indoor pool, ate free breakfast, and more. It was quite fun actually, having an indoor pool you could just walk to whenever you wanted; we would always invite our friends over to swim. We also did not have to clean our rooms or even make our beds in the morning, which was awesome to a seven-year-old.

I made lots of memories there, for some reason the first thing I think of when I think of living in that hotel was the time I lost a tooth. My tooth was loose and I decided to eat a now and later. I pulled the entire chunk of candy out of my mouth, and there was my tooth stuck in the candy. I also had one of those retainers that you had to crank every night, and my parents would do it every night before I went to bed in that hotel.

Reflecting back, that hotel was a part of my childhood, with a lot of memories made there and an experience I can say not many people have. If I could go back and have our house available in time so we didn't have to live in that hotel would I do it? Probably not.