For the person who is staring at their computer screen right now, wondering why the first page to their ten-page essay is still blank; For the individual that scored a 47% on their last calculus exam:

Think about how much money you've dropped on tuition over the past one, two, or three years- how much you've spent on textbooks, or the value of your time that you could have dedicated elsewhere, but instead spent countless hours in a management or childhood education class, and then a few extra hours weekly to study for each exam. Do all of your exams tend to be in the same week? Mine do.

Sometimes it feels like there's not an achievable end goal in sight; for a project, for a semester, for college in general. Sometimes, you just don't do well, and have to retake a math class. Don't let that time go to waist.

Set goals for yourself. Print pictures, write quotes, hang up white boards with lists of what you need to accomplish for the week, and display all these in your dorm room, so that finishing college becomes a tangible thing. You and I can both do it- and we can do it together.

I'll talk to my parents on the phone weekly, and they've probably lost count of how many times I say "I want to quit school," or "I think I am going to drop out of this class because I can't do it." The fact is, (as cheesy as it sounds), we can do whatever we want. We can do whatever we set our minds to. And the point is, I am going to finish college. And so should you. Don't let everything you've worked for go to waist. It's tangible, and achievable. These years that are supposed to be the best years of your life will escape you if you drop out. The experience that you can't get anywhere else will no longer be available. Be appreciative that you've had access and the opportunity for a college education. Set smart goals, get motivated, and finish your degree, because you're meant to be here.