The Struggles of Wearing Contacts
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The Struggles of Wearing Contacts

The Struggles of Wearing Contacts

I've had bad vision for as long as I can remember. Pictures of me in my childhood and teenage years are littered with a variety of different glasses, from wireframes, to thick frames and even sports goggles (I know, it was a tough time), until I made the transition to contacts the summer before 8th grade. It wasn't until then that I discovered a world that is completely visible. For those of you who don't need lenses to see clearly, you don't realize how easy you have it. For the almost 10 years of my life that I wore glasses, I dealt with blurry peripheral vision, fingerprint covered lenses, being told to take my glasses off for my dance recitals, swimming blindly in the pool in fear of losing my glasses, falling asleep with them on and actually losing them among my bed sheets, foggy lenses when going from an air conditioned car to a humid summer day...the list goes on.

So when I got contacts, my life changed. I could actually see without any issues! No more people taking them off to try them on for themselves, no more asking me how many fingers they're holding up (that's not how it works), no more telling me I look better without glasses (YOU look better when I don't wear my glasses). It was as if everything got better...and it did. Life is just so much easier when you don't have to worry about plastic frames on your face. Except it's not. After you finally get used to popping them into your eyes without looking like you're removing your eyelid, the fantasy of perfect vision quickly comes to an end. You realize that there are a whole new set of struggles that comes with your daily or bi-weekly prescription of contacts.

1. Water

By now, it's become a natural reflex for me to divert my eyes from any presence of water. Whether you're in a pool, at the beach, on a waterpark ride, or even in the shower if you don't squeeze those eyelids shut, you're entire day is ruined. I've found it difficult to explain to people just how terrifying one tiny droplet of water can actually be. I don't know about you, but I can literally feel my contacts solidify in my eye when water hits them. Yes, it's just as painful as it sounds. Water has become a daily struggle and unless there's a bottle of contact solution nearby, you can forget about that beautiful vision you had before the little brat you told to STOP splashing you in the pool kept going.

2. Wearing Them for Too Long

It's Friday night and your plans for the weekend include bar hopping until last call. The idea was totally fun when you planned it, and fun up until you're in the home stretch and things start to look different. Can your vision rapidly decline overnight? Because that's what it feels like is happening. Once the clock strikes 12, all hope is lost. You better start thinking of something sad. Get those tears flowing or else you'll be in a constant state of "duh face" as you continually blink, trying to get your contacts to unstick to your eyeballs so you can make it to the last few bars. "Are you okay? It looks like you're confused or something?" No, trust me I'm having so much fun, but also trying to see at the same time so...

3. Forgetting to Take Them Out

So you finally made it home from bar hopping. You're in your PJ's all snuggled up in bed and drifting off to dreamland when realize...MY CONTACTS ARE STILL IN. Ugh. Do you take the chance of falling asleep with them in and potentially losing them in your eye (that's happened to you right?) or just get up and take them out. You can do it, your case is only a few feet away. Now is the time you start bargaining with yourself to get out of bed. "I can't just throw them away, I need them for a few more days." "If I get up now, I can get comfy and be asleep in less than 10 minutes." After what feels like an hour, you finally get up and take them out. Future me thanks present me for not sleeping with them

4. Waterproof Makeup

Does this one even need words? I can sum it up in five for you: the bane of my existence. Just one dot of eyeliner or mascara can make it look like like you have a second pupil. After what seems like surgically attempting to remove the makeup, you end up tossing the contact in the trash and just starting fresh with a new one. On days when you're running short on time and you think it's easier to just keep going, you end up spending the rest of the day frightening people with your third pupil and trying to blink away the makeup...all day.

5. Taking a Break and Wearing Glasses

Did you just teleport back to middle school? Nope, you just wore your contacts so much that you're eyes actually need a break. It's back to square one today. When was the last time you wore your glasses in public? People don't recognize you at first, you end up having to explain yourself to everyone you run into, at least twice, and you experience blurry peripheral vision again. Yay! Time to do anything from walking to driving slower than usual because you now have to turn your head completely to see what's around. You also suddenly feel smarter for the day. Anyone else but me?

6. The Small Infinity Between Your Glasses and Contacts

With vision as bad as mine, I'm practically blind without any corrective lenses. So when I'm in the in-between, a.k.a. about to put my contacts in or vice versa, I'm in full on defense mode. I'm crouched over my contact case and can't be more than 6 inches away from any given object in order for me to see things clearly. Oh, you left your glasses in a different room? You dropped your contact on the floor? It's time to do the crawl of shame and slowly make your way inch by inch. Literally.

But let me tell you. Even with all of these struggles, nothing feels better than just throwing away your contacts before bed because you are changing them the next morning. Best feeling ever? I think so.

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