Being tall can be a blessing and a curse; I know from experience. I was the tallest kid in school, always at the front of the line, always taller than the boys. I'm 5'9" and believe it or not, I'm the shortest one in my family on my dad's side. You are going to be experiencing a hysterical and hard truth about being tall, the ups and downs, the frustrations, the overused jokes that people say. I won't be lying if I say I'm not already laughing what I'm about to say, because if you're a tall woman or a tall man, you'll understand. I now present you a list of beautiful and horrendous facts about being tall.

1. Shopping is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Crop tops are in, short shorts have been "in." When I go shopping I find things that I like and when I try them on, especially shorts, it looks like I'm wearing only underwear. I almost start crying when I start looking for a shirt. I have to wear long everything. My torso is not small enough for this crop top and my boobs are not small enough to make this look sexy why are you doing this to me?!

2. When sitting in the backseat of a car it is a necessity that the person in front of you puts their seat up so they're eating the steering wheel.

Self Explanatory.

3. You don't know where to put your legs 97.999% of the time.

I can never sit properly when I'm at restaurants. I sit Indian-style or put one leg under me because every time my legs are straight and moving under the table I always accidentally kick someone. If I could cut them off I would.

4. Sleeping Sucks.

I have slept like this. Witnesses can attest to that; my boyfriend thinks I'm a freak. Fetal positions are your best friends.

5. I envy short women who can wear heels and I also envy tall women who can wear heels.

I'm the giraffe who looks like it was just brought into this world.

6. "Can you reach that?"

Response: "Of course I can." Does bear shit in the woods?

7. When you have to lean to be able to be in a picture with a semi-short person.

Observe my own bent knee and my boyfriend's perfectly straight knees. This is how I lean.

8. You hit your head on everything that's above you.

Ceiling fans, door frames, chandeliers, a car door frame. I have only gotten one concussion in my life.

9. You start having a mental breakdown when you think about how you have to shave your legs.

*crying thinking about it*

10. Despite the struggles, you must remember one thing: Embrace Your Tall Sexy Self.