The 11 Stages Of Battling Writer's Block, As Told By Michael Scott

The 11 Stages Of Battling Writer's Block, As Told By Michael Scott

When you feel like you're the only one stuck, Michael Scott is right there with you.

Being a writer means it's impossible to stay away from writer's block. It's all a part of the writing journey, and fortunately, you're not alone since everyone goes through it. Michael Scott from "The Office" is no exception to the procrastination part of the writer's block cycle, so here are the 11 stages of having writer's block as told by the one and only Michael Scott.

1. Avoiding writing as long as possible will make it go away.

As long as I'm not focusing on it, it doesn't exist. I can start in a few more hours. I know I'll have something by then. Tapping on a mug does sound a lot better than trying to come up with ideas anyway.

2. Maybe staring at the computer screen will inspire me.

Yeah, I should definitely write my piece on computer screens. Someone out there in the world will love it, so it wouldn't hurt to try.

3. Writing a list of ideas never hurt. It could help.

Not all hope is lost because brainstorming could get me somewhere, at least hopefully. Part of me thinks I'll think of something, but a bigger part of me knows this is going nowhere.

4. Wait, I actually have an idea.

So this wasn't a lost cause! I can actually stick with an idea and run with it! Looks like I've finally got my piece ready to go.

5. Scratch that; I'm using a different topic.

Well, now that I have an idea, a million more are suddenly appearing. I'll just change my piece for the fifth time. No harm!

6. I can't look at the clock without screaming.

I shouldn't have been tapping on a mug all day because I'm almost out of time. I have to literally look away from the clock so I forget how little time I have. I'm losing my train of thought, and this topic wasn't anywhere as promising as I thought it would be originally.

7. I don't know what I'm writing, but I'm writing something.

I'm trying, I promise. But this is a terrible topic, the clock's almost about to hit deadline time, and I seriously have no idea how to properly phrase my thoughts.

8. This is the worst thing I've ever written —

I've never read anything worse in my life. That's it.

9. But I'll use it anyway.

Okay, so it's not as bad as I thought it was. But it's for sure not the best thing in the world. Either way, I'm not going through this whole writer's block thing again, so this is the final work!

10. I can't believe I'm this creative.

I beat writer's block once again. I'm actually that good. I deserve an award or something.

11. Oh look, another writing assignment. I can feel the writer's block already.

Again? Looks like it's time to pop out the mug and start tapping again because I know I'm out of ideas already.

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10 Ways That Even You, Night Owl, Can Become a morning person

I love to sleep, trust me, but the morning can be your new best friend.


In light of the summer cleansing vibes I am feeling, I decided to become a morning person.

I HATE waking up early in the morning, it's the worst. I tend to be moody when I wake up and I don't know about you, but it feels like I am tired the moment I wake up so I want to continue sleeping.

This is a typical morning for me:

I wake up, stare, and think for 10 minutes.

I realize I have shit to do, so I get up.

I avoid making eye contact with anyone because I don't want them to talk to me (yeah, don't talk to me if you see that I just woke up because I won't answer.)

I proceed to do my business in the bathroom.

And after all of this, I can either feel energized or I can still feel like sleeping my life away. Going to college hasn't helped this process at all either. My sleeping schedule is all types of messed up, but since I made it a goal of mine to be healthier this summer, I decided to embark on the journey of a lifetime: becoming a morning person!

Fun fact: it takes two weeks to make something a habit! So for two weeks, I tried these nifty tips and tricks:

1. Reaffirming my purpose in life before going to sleep and then repeating it to myself in the morning

Yes, this sounds corny, but it helps to know that every second of your life is meaningful, it's all about how you spend them. You could sleep your life away and no one could care, but always keep in mind the goals you have. Whether it be to get better grades or become more fit, one thing is for sure, goals are goals so like we like to say in New York: "Chase your bag, get your coint up okurrrrrt!"

2. Write down all the things you have experienced throughout the day and what you have planned for the coming day

I am one of those people that stays up late thinking about a gazillion of things. Writing them down in a journal before going to sleep is such a relief! I wake up in the morning and don't need to remember what I need to do, I just read it off my journal/planner.

3. Disconnect from everything 30 minutes prior to sleeping!

This is scientifically proven! My doctor recommended this to me after I was diagnosed with insomnia. Right before I rest my head, I send my "goodnight streaks" and put my phone on "do not disturb."

4. If you can't sleep, listen to a podcast or a lecture

I don't mind listening to ocean waves and different sounds to help you sleep, but it gets creepy at some points (like what if secretly, the creator of these sounds organized it in a way in order to control our minds?) Yes, that's a reach, but I'd rather listen to someone ramble on and on about concepts. And also, you can actually fall asleep while a professor is speaking without fearing that you will miss crucial information that you may need for that class, so win-win? Sounds like a yes to me.

5. When you hear your alarm, wake TF up!

Don't hit the snooze button, don't turn the alarm off, and if you have a roommate, please don't ignore the alarm. Over the school year, I was infamously known for sleeping through all of my alarms. One day, my roommate told me to turn it off and I lashed out at her in my sleep (I told her to shut the fuck up! I am so sorry, Julia Rogerts.) But yeah, just FORCE yourself to get up. I smile and say an inspirational thing to myself, and that has helped me a lot as well.

6. Drink a cup of water the moment you get up

Drinking a cup of water in the morning gets your body up and ready to function properly! You can also play around with your water intake. I love to put chia seeds and lemon in mine for an extra boost of energy!

7. Successful people tend to wake up earlier in the morning

This is not really a tip, but it serves as a means of motivation for you to get up and be successful, too. "Early bird gets the worm!"

8. Take a nice shower (and conserve some water, too)

I've realized that using scrubs in the morning—especially a coffee one—wakes me up!

9. Have a whole breakfast

My lifestyle as a vegan has thankfully led me to eat much more whole foods rather than processed, empty calories. My typical breakfast consists of taking my supplements, drinking a green juice, making a fruit/veggie salad or oatmeal with nuts and berries. Pancakes and hash browns may taste good, but optimal health and energy is necessary for a day's worth of work.

10. Stick to your goal of becoming a morning person

Don't give up! There will be days where you may go to sleep later than expected and days where you feel shitty, but stick to your goal! By sticking to this specific goal, you'll train your body to not only be disciplined, but you'll teach your mind to be stronger!

I hope these tips and tricks help you like they've helped me!

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