The 10 Stages Of Thanksgiving As Told By Friends

The 10 Stages Of Thanksgiving As Told By Friends

It's turkey time!


1. When you wake up and realize it's (finally) Thanksgiving

2. Realizing you still have several hours before it's actually time to eat

3. Starving yourself all day so you'll have enough room for all the food

4. (Finally) arriving at dinner

5. When you're reunited with the fun cousin

6. When your family asks you why you're still single

7. After dealing with family (and starvation), finally getting to eat!

8. The "too full" feeling that always comes after Thanksgiving

9. Creating excuses to avoid doing the dishes after....

10. Waiting for Thanksgiving next year like...

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5 Reasons The Mountains Are Better Than The Beach

Sorry I said it, but it's true


1. There's more to do

at the beach, there are only a few things to do, and they all pretty much come down to just relaxing, and while this can be, and is great, the mountains give you many more options when it comes to daily activities

2. It is not just seasonal

The beach is great... but only in the summer. The mountains are amazing year-round and are not dependent on the the weather. Whether it's mountain biking, hiking, skiing, climbing, kayaking, etc., you can always find something to do, no matter the weather or season.

3. It is an escape from the city

the mountains are less crowded, slower-paced and simply a new scene. You no longer have to worry about beating the lines and finding a good spot on the beach

4. You'll connect more with nature

being in the woods with nature is simply a feeling that can't be replicated anywhere else

5. Still, have beaches

They'll be lake-beaches, but the mountains still have them, giving you, as Miley Cyrus once said, "the best of both worlds".

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