Whether you have tried using Tinder, Bumble, Grindr, OkCupid, or any of the other dating apps, you know about the many struggles that come with it. So many people are on these dating apps and everyone has their own reasons for using them. However, I still don't seem to understand what the big deal is when it comes to using these apps in public. Speaking for myself, I definitely don't go on train rides or sit at coffee shops to swipe left and right. If I do it, I do it in the privacy of my home or with friends who also use them. Many people will awkwardly turn their phone and face it down after getting a Tinder match in front of people or they will get a message from, let's call it, a prospect, and they will not open it in public because God forbid somebody around them will notice.

I'm not the biggest fan of dating apps, mainly because personality matters so much to me and I always have a fear of wasting my time. Nonetheless, I still use them sometimes and I have seen all sorts of relationships form from dating apps, from friends-with-benefits to long-term-I-wanna-marry-you-someday relationships. So, to each its own, but if I want to take my phone out and swipe away while I have nothing better to do, why do I feel like I have to lower my brightness all the way before doing so or not do it at all because well, too many people around.

I want to be a part of ending this negative stigma that comes with online dating. I even encourage it to my single friends because you can meet some pretty interesting people or have some pretty weird and funny stories to tell. Especially, if you are in college or already have a full-time job. People are busy and sometimes you really don't have much energy to also be worrying about "getting yourself out there" and going out to actually meet new people. Dating can be EXHAUSTING.

Bumble recently reported having 7 million users. So what, if you're just using it to have fun? So what, if you met your boyfriend/husband on a dating app? We do so many things through apps so why not date too, am I right? We shouldn't be judgmental about the way that people decided to meet. You do you and swipe away. Let's put an end to the social stigma that comes with dating apps.