Being single is fine.

I don’t really understand the point of this holiday.

Saying I love you one day out of the year.

That’s weak.

I’m only here for the sweets.

I mean maybe I’m here to see cutie in green.

But that’s between me and me.

Don’t judge me.

I’m only here cause my friend said I need to be social.

That I need to mingle.

Easy for her.

She’s not even single.

What am I doing here?

God! I hate this song.

It plays every year.

Ew! Josh is here.

Don’t make eye contact.

Pretend you’re on the phone.

Whoa! That was close.

Last thing I need is for him to tell me about Bri.

And how she is a way better girlfriend than me.


Food has arrived.

About damn time.

Grab a slice.

Serve myself some fries.

…Yea I’ll add a salad on the side.

Gotta stay healthy.

Who’s tapping my shoulder?

Holy crap!

It’s the cutie.

The one in green.

He is about to ask me something.

Is about to ask me to...?


Just needed to find the bathroom.


Let me just sit and eat.

Finally a friendly face.

Kyle’s great.

He’s the man.

That’s why we’re friends.

He’s so sweet.

And Cute.

He doesn’t know though.

He has know idea that I’ve liked him since we were pre-teens.

It’s better that way.

Wouldn’t want to scare him away.

He's rambling.

He's fidgeting.

is he alright?


Did he just ask …?

No way!


Of course.

“I’d love to be your Valentine.”