Often times, we’ll find ourselves in a bind of sorts, where we allow our minds to wander into either the depths of our past or the worries of our future. We fear that something may go wrong or we stress about what went wrong a few years back. We think about all of the potential hazards we may encounter or the regret that is deep within our yesterdays.

We focus closely on our problems or the “what ifs” so much so, that they steal our joy and bring our mood down. It’s important to know that although it is good to reflect for the purpose of learning, staying in the past is not the key to success.

The key to success is the constant effort to redirect our thoughts to right now, the present moment.

In this present moment, we have the opportunity to rethink, repave, and rewire our path so that it starts to look like what we would have liked to have happen rather than what no longer serves us.

The present moment is wonderful in that it holds a great deal in store for us. In every single moment, there are new opportunities, new beginnings, and chances for a fresh start. In every single moment lies a chance for something refreshing, enlightening, or moving. If you are wishing to stir your soul with some good feeling emotions, one of the best ways that you can do that is to constantly redirect your mind to the present moment.

I have struggled with anxiety for about as long as I could remember. Since age four, I’ve experienced the nervous anticipation for the “what ifs” of the future, or the “oh nos” of the past. I have feared I wasn’t good enough to complete a task or that I couldn’t do what was requested of me. In being so worried about past mistakes or my future, I would constantly pull myself out of the present moment, failing to see the beauty of what was in my now.

Doing this for years on end was taxing on my physical and emotional body. I found myself fatigued, extremely low on energy, and felt even a great deal of sadness. What has helped me to return to the present moment has been the constant decision to redirect my thoughts to right now. If I notice myself stressing over what was or what can be, ill stop and say: “Okay, let’s tap into our five senses. What can I feel with my hands, what am I seeing? What does the air smell like? What do I hear?” and as I go about answering these questions, I’m suddenly distracted from worrying and am able to bring myself back to this moment.

I can feel my lungs expanding as I inhale deeply and take in what is around me. As I bring myself back to this relaxed state, my sense of self returns. I am suddenly at peace again, able to make decisions from the loving energy within my heart, versus the frantic energy of my not-so-focused mind.

In returning to the present moment, I am suddenly able to see all of the beauty that is before me. The sky is suddenly bluer; my eyes see a bit clearer. The air is richer and the breeze feels cooler. Everything is enhanced when you return to the present moment. And when you return to the present moment, you’re not only able to experience the beauty of what is, but you’re able to receive the love that is on its way.

Returning to the present moment can start off as a challenging task. But over time it becomes easier and easier. If you are seeking to feel peace, bliss, and security, know that the present moment is able to provide it all to you and so much more.