The Selfie Experience

The Selfie Experience

What is to be a true selfie taker

Taking a photo of yourself or producing a selfie is typically frowned upon because of its narcissistic nature and self-centered stigma. I am here to advocate against these theories and encourage everyone to join the selfie taking experience.

In 2005, Myspace made its debut and declared its role as "the largest social network in the world" well into 2008. Through this, the world was introduced to the Myspace pic, which is equivalent to what we know today as a "selfie".

Not following too far behind was Facebook. Created in 2009, this new and improved Myspace and the next big step into the social media world eventually gain a majority of Myspace's traffic with its unique features and profile picture quality.

In 2010, Apple released the iPhone 4 which had a front camera allowing users full control of their selfies.

And then there was Instagram. Instagram introduced an entirely new dynamic and unique approach to social networks. It allows users to post and edit their photos to almost perfection. The photos are then rewarded by likes, comments and a great networking experience. Instagram was named the "home of the selfie" when in 2013, it had 150 million users and over 16 billion photos.

Finally, in 2013, the word "selfie" was officially added to the dictionary. It was defined as "a photograph taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and shared via social media."

The selfie allows you to be in the moment and express yourself through a photo. On average, I may take about 20 selfies daily. Problem? I think not.

Selfies have become a virtual way to get in tune with our inner selves. A selfie takes practice. You are not only capturing yourself in a moment, but you are learning your different angles, how to enhance your features, all while being able to control when the camera takes the photo. Everyone has that "good side" that they show when someone is taking a picture of them. A selfie however, gives you full control so that you never miss your good side in a picture. Don't know what side is your good side? Try taking a selfie.

A selfie gives anyone a chance to throw out any photo taking insecurities and become the creator of their own masterpiece. Rather you feel photogenic or not, always remember that you are the one behind and in front of the camera. Give yourself that "WATCH OUT WORLD!" feeling and have fun with your selfies. They tell your story, they reflect your personal emotions and quite frankly, no one is in charge but you.

Think of the camera as your audience, or even your crush. You always want to look your best. However, your best is what you say your best is and not what other choose to capture. That is the true power of a selfie. It encourages one to unlock their inner and outer beauty and capture all in one picture it at their own will. Join the selfie experience. Have fun with it, find your perfect angles and lighting and snap away!

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The Night The Lights Went Out In Jacksonville

We must band together as a family and support our Home, JSU.

Monday, March 19 around 10 PM a tornado swept through the college campus I walk around 5 days a week. The damage was pretty much unknown until the daylight hours. Upon morning we established that the entire roof was ripped off several of the dormitories on campus as well as at least 5 of the academic buildings.

After damage assessment, it was determined that a dual touchdown tornado had struck the campus. The tornado was determined to have been an EF-3 rated tornado based on the damage.

The tornado has happened at this point, there is no way to reverse its effects.

Today began the first steps we took as a university to began resuming life as normal. President Beehler made a press conference at noon saying that the campus would reopen April 2, 2018. A statement was later released that saying the April 2nd date is fluid and is subject to change.

With lots to consider, many of the educators have announced they have no intentions of resuming classes until the displaced students are safely housed.

There was a press release today that mentioned the possibility of portable classrooms. Aith all there is to consider we cannot rush into opening this campus back up so soon.

President Beehler, a week and a half is no time to rebuild buildings or replace entire dormitory complexes. I myself am speaking too soon even. Where will we hold graduation? Where will we study for finals? What will become of the nursing majors with no place to learn?

We must band together as a family and support our Home, JSU. Help your neighbors out, help the displaced, and pray for those attempting to reconstruct the infrastructure.

Some Glad Day, When This Life Is O'er I'll Fly Away.

Cover Image Credit: Twitter

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Success Is Great, But Failure Is Better

Fail and fail often.

Don’t let success get to your head, but don’t let failure get to your heart. Know that things don’t always work out as planned, and that is OK!

For many millennials, it’s easiest to just give up when something doesn’t go your way. But take heart. Success is great, but failure is better. The reality is, you’re going to fail... a lot.

Failure does not mean your idea was not good or that your dream isn’t valid.

Failure means you have more to learn.

Failure is GOOD.

It shows you that you did something wrong and that you need to take a redirection. It’s an opportunity to come back stronger with a better attack plan. It’s a second chance.

Having failed many times in my life, there’s one thing for sure: failing sucks. It sucks being disappointed. It sucks not succeeding on the first try. However, you can learn to become a good failure.

Failing is inevitable, which is why it is important to learn from our mistakes. You’ll learn more from a single failure than a lifetime of success. Here’s what you can do when you mess up: accept what you can’t change, keep an open mind, maintain a positive attitude, and know that nothing will be perfect.

When I was a sophomore in high school, I was on an engineering team at my school. I was extremely confident in our abilities as a team, so when we didn’t advance to the world finals, I was devastated. The next year, however, my team placed second at the national competition, and we advanced to the world finals. If I had allowed that initial failure to consume me, I wouldn’t have been successful the next year.

It was not easy to advance to the world finals, but because I took my previous failure as a learning opportunity, my team succeeded. I knew I couldn’t change the past, so I didn’t focus on it. I kept an open mind about the competition and did not allow my bitterness to harden me, thus maintaining a positive attitude. My team wasn’t perfect, and I knew that. But I knew if we worked hard, we would succeed. We did.

Every failure is feedback on how to improve. Nothing works unless you do, and nothing works exactly the way you want it to. Failure is life’s greatest teacher; it’s nothing to be scared of. If we are so focused on not failing, we will never succeed.

So fail, and fail often.

Cover Image Credit: Pixabay

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