The Return Of The Jonas Brothers

The Return Of The Jonas Brothers

"This is an S.O.S., don't wanna second guess, this is the bottom line, it's true!" - Jonas Brothers

Everyone honestly doubted me for the last few years when I said, "The Jonas Brothers are going to get back together," and yet today, February 28th, marks a day I hoped would arrive for a long time––the official return of the Jonas Brothers.

The last few months leading up to today's announcement, it was rumored that the Jonas Brothers would be making a return under a new name––Jonas––followed by a reunion. I'm a firm believer everything is a rumor until they come out and confirm it themselves, and today, they did exactly just that via their new Instagram feed.

For their first Instagram post as a band again, the three lovely brothers are sporting some whimsical outfits in front of a building that gives off a "Lines, Vines, and Trying Times" vibe to announce the release of their new single, SUCKER. The single is set to release at midnight, February 29th, EST. as well as a music video and the 10-year-old in me is s c r e a m i n g.

In 2012, the Jonas Brothers anticipated on recording a new album to be released but the album was canceled indefinitely following their break up in 2013 due to creative differences. People thought this would truly be the end of the Jonas Brothers for good. I don't think my heart could take it again if the Jonas Brothers didn't follow through with their return, but I know for a fact this reunion is official and here to stay.

In addition to announcing their new single, they also released an official video identical to one of their old tour vlogs titled "Oh, How the Tables Have Turned." In an era of "Mandy," and a controversial topic of their purity rings, the Jonas Brothers used to make vlogs on their tour and this take on one of their classics while holding a "Hello Again" sign was their way of letting us longtime fans know this is real deal and they're here to stay.

After all, the last time the Jonas Brothers released anything was in 2013––six years ago! We watched Joe Jonas form his band, DNCE, and danced to "Cake by the Ocean" one too many times; We watched Nick blossom into the best version of himself and marry the woman of everyone's dreams (one wedding after the other), Priyanka Chopra; And Kevin, living his best low-key life in the real estate industry. The boys are back, bigger, and better than before.

As a 22-year-old soon to be a college graduate, the undying love for the Jonas Brothers has continued on and I will be there, front row singing my heart out to Love Bug when the time comes.

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