Keeping a New Years resolution

The New Years Resolution I Actually Kept

365 days without smoking & over $1400 in savings.


Every year like most people I come up with a list of things I plan on doing to better myself in the new year. Lose weight, exercise more, no more soda, less ice cream, the list goes on and on.

When counting down to 2018 I decided to focus on one important goal, to quit smoking. One resolution, one healthy goal, one uphill battle.

Surprisingly I was so ready to be done that quitting was one of the easiest things I ever did. Mind over matter really was my strength this past year.

Of course, nights out drinking with friends and social smoking outings were a struggle. However, my lungs thank me for it.

I think the best part of it all is I didn't need any help, no medications to reduce cravings, no special gums, no vape or e-cigs, just quit cold turkey. (In case you live under a rock or just so happen to be my tour guide in France, no I didn't eat cold turkey, it's a figure of speech).

So here I am one day away from being smoke-free for 365 days and all I can think about is having a celebratory “one year without cigarettes" cigarette and what can I do to really better myself in 2019.

I've entertained the idea of a year of sobriety. I've contemplated becoming a vegetarian. I think about quitting my job, hopping on a train and taking a year to see the world wherever it may take me.

All I know is whatever goals you set for 2019, live up to them. If I can do it, you can surely do it. Your future self will thank you. Lose that extra weight, smoke one less cigarette a day than you normally would, whatever you need to do to honestly be able to use the New Year, New You hashtag.

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Reading Is Where It's At, Let Me Tell You Why

A great book goes a long way.


Honestly, to me, there is no better feeling in the world than reading a good book.

It doesn't matter whether you like romance, sci-fi, action, or thriller.

Those of us who are avid readers know the amazing feeling you get when you finally get to immerse yourself into the pages of a great book.

For me, reading has always been a way for me to deal with my emotions, recharge throughout the day, or even get myself to sleep.

Sometimes, I look back on the days when I was young that I absolutely detested reading.

And honestly, I have no clue how I even got through anything.

When I sit down and begin my reading, I find myself almost feeling transported to another world.

My stress and worries seem to melt away with each turned page.

I feel like apart of the story and become very attached to the characters and the world they live in.

I can have hours pass by unnoticed when I have my nose in my books and, honestly, that is a-okay with me.

I love the peace I feel when my face is finally away from screen and I can escape the world.

If you don't really read much, I totally recommend that you at least give it a try!

Reading helps with anxiety, stress, boredom, passing time, and even making friends.

It is so awesome to have that super excited conversation time with someone you come across who has the same love and passion for the books/fandoms as you do.

Reading is great for bettering your mind and sometimes can be a big part in helping you find your place in this world.

So, go find yourself a good book, relax in your favorite spot, and read until your heart is content!

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Song by Sublime, Cover by Dom Arena

Kicking off the summer the right way. With some Sublime of course....Enjoy folks.

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