The Reality Of The Fall 'Must-Dos'

The Reality Of The Fall 'Must-Dos'

How the cliché fall "must do's" are nothing like they seem.

I read an article on the things that you MUST DO to have a successful fall. They included the cliché things that I always look forward to doing in the fall but rarely ever do. This year I made it my mission to do these things and found the hard truth to how they are nothing like the cute cliché pictures look.

1. The Pumpkin Patch

When referring to pumpkin patch I’m not talking about the ones where they are all lined up nicely for you (not even in the “patch”) to pick which one you like. I am talking about a real pumpkin patch where they take you out there and let you pick your own growing from the ground. TIP: if you want to take cute pictures like we did do this BEFORE you go to the actual patch because you will get dirty and you will, if living in Alabama like me, get sweaty because it was so unbearably hot the week before Halloween that we went. We soon figured out that actual pumpkin picking is not our forte and that it is hard work.

2. Pumpkin carving

So, when you get the pumpkins the next fun thing to do is to carve them. Now, to be fair, this one wasn’t as bad as picking the pumpkin but, definitely not as fun and cute as it seems. This was a lot. of. work. I mean I don’t know if its because I have zero arm strength but my pumpkin was very hard to carve with the little tools I bought and if you have a texture problem like me then getting the guts out of the pumpkin will be very difficult.

3. Go for a Hayride

Every time I see pictures of this, I think about how it looks like such a cute and fun time. Luckily they had one at the pumpkin patch I went to so I could finally fulfill my fun fall checklist. Yet another disappointment that is very itchy, bumpy and where I was, filled with screaming kids. I don’t know if it was just our driver but I was holding on to the hay for dear life. I honestly thought I was going to fall into the middle of the hayride every time we took a curve. The only thing I took from this experience was itchy legs and a bunch of chigger bites.

4. Go to the Fair

The fair is always portrayed to be a romantic thing for couples to do in the fall, taking cute pictures on rides and eating cotton candy. The fair was kind of fun but not romantic. I have always loved in movies when the adoring couple rides the fairest wheel seeming like they are having the time of their lives and then the guy wins one of the games giving her the stuffed animal with a big romantic kiss. This is how I imagined the fair would be.

First off, it is a huge rip-off — you either buy the expensive armband and hope you like the rides or pay individually and spend up even more on only a few rides. Either way, there is no way to save money at the fair. The armbands don’t cover any of the games, so if you want to try and fulfill that “romantic experience,” then be prepared to spend.

Now, as far as the rides go, the fairs wheel no matter how badly I wanted it to be romantic was boring and kind of a waste of money. The other rides were pretty fun but as far as romance goes if you like being thrown around violently barely strapped in and hoping not to die then sure. The games were also not romantic and would frankly be weird if you started making out after winning something. Which, of course, will not happen 'til you have paid about fives time to play — of course, spending more money on a bear you could have paid $5 for at the dollar store.

5. Haunted House

Yet another supposedly romantic fall thing to do. Granted, I am so not into horror and am a big scaredy cat. But, other than me being a wimp the haunted house was in no way romantic. It seems like every year the people who have a significant other can’t wait to go to the haunted house and take a cute photo before. Now I realize why they never take one afterward. You look like a hot mess and have probably done more running than you did the whole year.

I imagined my boyfriend and I walking through the haunted house, me holding onto him being all romantic and occasionally scared like in the movies… Absolutely not, from the running and the CONSTANTLY being scared there isn’t time to cuddle up or even think about anything other than running for your life. If you think your partner will be impressed by how loud you can scream and how fast you can run then this is for you.

Cover Image Credit: URC today

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Sorry Not Sorry, My Parents Paid For My Coachella Trip

No haters are going to bring me down.

With Coachella officially over, lives can go back to normal and we can all relive Beyonce’s performance online for years to come. Or, if you were like me and actually there, you can replay the experience in your mind for the rest of your life, holding dear to the memories of an epic weekend and a cultural experience like no other on the planet.

And I want to be clear about the Beyonce show: it really was that good.

But with any big event beloved by many, there will always be the haters on the other side. The #nochella’s, the haters of all things ‘Chella fashion. And let me just say this, the flower headbands aren’t cultural appropriation, they’re simply items of clothing used to express the stylistic tendency of a fashion-forward event.

Because yes, the music, and sure, the art, but so much of what Coachella is, really, is about the fashion and what you and your friends are wearing. It's supposed to be fun, not political! Anyway, back to the main point of this.

One of the biggest things people love to hate on about Coachella is the fact that many of the attendees have their tickets bought for them by their parents.

Sorry? It’s not my fault that my parents have enough money to buy their daughter and her friends the gift of going to one of the most amazing melting pots of all things weird and beautiful. It’s not my fault about your life, and it’s none of your business about mine.

All my life, I’ve dealt with people commenting on me, mostly liking, but there are always a few that seem upset about the way I live my life.

One time, I was riding my dolphin out in Turks and Cacaos, (“riding” is the act of holding onto their fin as they swim and you sort of glide next to them. It’s a beautiful, transformative experience between human and animal and I really think, when I looked in my dolphin’s eye, that we made a connection that will last forever) and someone I knew threw shade my way for getting to do it.

Don’t make me be the bad guy.

I felt shame for years after my 16th birthday, where my parents got me an Escalade. People at school made fun of me (especially after I drove into a ditch...oops!) and said I didn’t deserve the things I got in life.

I can think of a lot of people who probably don't deserve the things in life that they get, but you don't hear me hating on them (that's why we vote, people). Well, I’m sick of being made to feel guilty about the luxuries I’m given, because they’ve made me who I am, and I love me.

I’m a good person.

I’m not going to let the Coachella haters bring me down anymore. Did my parents buy my ticket and VIP housing? Yes. Am I sorry about that? Absolutely not.

Sorry, not sorry!

Cover Image Credit: Kaycie Allen

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6 Ways To Make The Most Out Of Your Summer

Summer break is just around the corner.

Summer break is finally here and no one can be as happy as I am. This is a time to get away from the stress of school, relax while still staying productive, and get super tan. Make the most of your summer with these 6 tips.

1. Go on new adventures.

For most people summer is the perfect time to get a job and save up much-needed money for the following school semester. This does not mean fun is out of the equation. Even if you do not get to vacation at the Bahamas for 2 months straight you can still make your own adventures. Maybe that means going to the nearest park and having a picnic with your closest friends or taking a trip downtown and navigating the places you never knew existed.

2. Hang out with family and friends as much as possible.

Summertime is the perfect opportunity to reconnect with past hometown friends and your family. Make new, long-lasting memories that you can bring back with you after the summer ends.

3. Get a job.

Even if you work during school getting a lot of hours is impossible. On break, your obligations are much slimmer which means more available time to work and make a lot more money than you ever could during school.

4. Read a book.

Shook is finally over and the last thing you want to think about is reading. However, it can keep your mind fresh and ready for the next semester and give you something to rather than watch tv all day.

5. Relax.

Some of us are busy people and have just as busy summers. Try to use your summer to find time to relax and find a balance in your hectic life.

6. Pick up new hobbies.

During break it can feel like you have way too much time on your hands. Pick up a hobby like knitting, baking, or even hiking. Your temporary freed schedule is the ideal time to try new things.

Cover Image Credit: Daniel Nguyen

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