A lot of people have big families, whether it is extended or not. Most people have at least one or two siblings and then two parents. Things in the house get crowded very fast and everyone seems to just live on top of each other. No one knows where anything is, the laundry room is always piled high with clothes, and someone is throwing a fit about something.

Too many people, not enough bathrooms. Personally, I have to share one bathroom with four other people. That means limited counter space, no hot water, and never having toilet paper. It also means that your shower schedule is awful, and you have to learn to pick some locks to be able to use the bathroom.

The parking situation is the worst. Everyone is on different schedules and come and go 24/7. That means you have to run around finding your keys to move your car every other hour because you are parked behind someone. With limited parking and more than enough cars you find yourself driving through the grass a couple of times a week.

Absolutely no privacy. Even if the house is quiet for one second, it will not last long because someone is running through the door after practice, running late for work, or making once again another mess in the kitchen. There is no peace anywhere except for at night, but then you hear someone watching TV way too loud and someone else is snoring across the hall.

Your food is the family's food. You have to hide all your snacks. If your food needs refrigerated then I am sorry to tell you but it will not last more than a night. Everyone is a savage and you have to fend for yourself in the kitchen. Not only will someone eat all your food, but they will also then deny it and you have to go on a witch hunt to plot your revenge.

Your family drives you absolutely insane daily. You are always fighting with someone and annoyed with everyone. Nothing is yours and everything is a mess. But you would not have it any other way. You may want to strangle everyone in your family, but it would not feel right if you didn't.

Even though they drive you crazy, they will always have your back. Through thick and thin your family will choose you and back you up completely. Life is crazy and your family is crazier but they are your family and you would not want to change a thing.