The Questionable Legitimacy Of Psychic Readings
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The Questionable Legitimacy Of Psychic Readings

But Why You Should Get One Anyway

The Questionable Legitimacy Of Psychic Readings

I am no stranger to visiting psychics. My cards, palms, tea leaves, and aura have been read so often over the years that I have officially lost count of the amount of visits I’ve made to them. The overwhelming smell of herbs, incense, and burning candles has become a familiar comfort to me and sitting under the analyzing eyes of a stranger to hear the forecast of my future no longer feels bizarre.

Last Saturday, my roommate and I decided to spend our free time this weekend in the greatest place to be on an October afternoon…(Salem, Massachusetts)…and it was here, in Witch City, U.S.A., that I brought said roommate to get her first official psychic reading! Considering the fact that this put psychics into my mind and Halloween is just around the corner, the subject of psychic readings seemed perfectly fitting!

Of course, everyone has their own opinions about psychics and the multiple visits I have made to psychics is nowhere close to the innumerable number of times that people have told me it’s a waste of money. “It’s a scam/fraud/trick!” “Psychics are con artists!” “They’re hustling you!” Yes, I’ve heard it all before and no, that has in no way persuaded me to give up visiting them.

Do I believe that psychics have the ability to see my entire future and dictate it to me? No, not necessarily. In fact, I don’t necessarily believe that psychics have any mystical, outlandish abilities at all—beyond perhaps a particularly strong sense of intuition and keen knack for reading people—which then leads people to ask me, “If you don’t believe psychics are any more supernatural than you, what’s the point of seeing one?”

It’s a fair question and one I will spend the remainder of this article answering because, honestly, there are dozens of great reasons to visit a psychic—whether you believe in their occult abilities or not—and I strongly encourage you to do so!

1. Unique Perspective

Have you ever wondered what goes through a stranger’s mind when they pass you on the street? What type of vibe you give off? What peoples’ first impression of you is? If the answer to any of those questions is yes, going to a psychic is a wonderful way to satisfy your curiosity. When you go to see a psychic, you are sitting before a stranger who knows absolutely nothing about you and they make their predictions partly based on their mystical aids (cards, palms, tea leaves, runes, etc.) but mainly by what they are seeing in front of them in your face and body language. This is your opportunity to actually hear from a stranger what image you have projected to them and what they are inferring from it.

2. Impartial Advice

Going back to the fact that a psychic is a stranger to you, keep in mind that they don’t know anything about you or your life. This means that if you confide in them about a problem you are dealing with, you know that anything they suggest is recommended with no bias. A psychic is the perfect nonpartisan critic because they will listen to your situation and pass judgment on the situation alone, not letting the specific people or details cloud their judgement on the facts. Additionally, as someone who is not part of your life, circle of friends, etc., a psychic has no reason to sway your opinion one way or another. They are sitting before you solely because you sought them out and will provide advice based on what they hear from you. It’s like therapy but with the fun additions of potentially supernatural practices and the prediction of your destiny!

3. An Unforgettable Experience

Visiting a psychic is an experience that not everybody decides to experience in life—and that’s okay—but if you choose to experience it, you will be talking about it forever. Trust me. And depending on how your experience is, you may go back in the future and it will become an occasional break from your everyday life.

Whether you believe in fortune telling or not doesn’t matter because regardless, going to see one takes you out of your everyday life and into the mysterious unknown…A place where seeing into the future is possible! Sitting behind a gauzy purple curtain with a practicing psychic and a spread of cards and crystals laid out before you is a pretty surreal experience and honestly, what’s the worst thing that can come of it? You spend a few bucks on something that—worst case scenario—gives you an interesting story to tell at parties? Best case scenario -- you’ll learn something new about yourself, challenge your previously held notions, and come away with a greater understanding of a subject that you had limited knowledge of prior to your visit. Stretch your imagination, dive headfirst into the land of limitless possibilities and give the idea of magic a chance. Besides, whether you’re a believer or not, aren’t you even the slightest bit curious to know whether the tall, handsome man with an accent that your psychic swears is in your near future is actually going to show up? I know I am.

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