The only time I’ve ever gotten something done well before the due date was my own birth. (Shoutout to being a twin because that usually means you're ready to enter the world much earlier than planned). Ever since then, though, I’ve been waiting until the very last minute to get anything of importance done. Like this article for example, every Monday I say to myself; today I will start brainstorming for next week's article. Every Monday comes and goes, and by Friday, I’m frantically trying to piece together some semblance of good content. So, this week, my procrastination habits are, for once, helping me out.

Since I procrastinate so much, I end up waiting around. A lot. This might not be the worst thing, but in reality, it wastes so much time. With all the time I spend procrastinating and stressing about a deadline, I could have gotten so much work done. It’s a vicious cycle that I’m definitely trying to break, and I urge you to do the same. I’m told life is much less stressful that way. However, I feel like there are definitely some pros to leaving everything to the last minute, like getting ready, for example. If I allow myself too much time to get ready, I’ll end up doing too much with either my makeup or my clothes. By giving myself a good 15 minutes tops to get dressed, I make quick decisions and I’m not left standing in front of my closet hating myself for not having anything I like to wear. Thus, leaving me in a happier mood and ready to conquer whatever plans I have.

Giving myself too little time to get ready also comes in handy during the week. Being able to get dressed quickly means I can give myself as much time for sleeping as possible. Again, helping me get in a good mood. This quick thinking also comes in handy at restaurants. Anyone who has ever gone out to eat with me will know that I have to order last. I spend all the time leading up to ordering doing anything but looking at the menu. This way, when it’s my turn to order, I have to think fast. Ultimately, this always works better for me, because I’ll end up getting exactly what I’m really feeling. I mean yeah, I could plan on ordering a swanky salad or something, but my subconscious knows that I would much rather have anything else. I mean, really, I think this sort of quick thinking could get me pretty far, not going to lie. My procrastination is part of who I am, and even though I should probably get my act together I know myself. So, whether you get your work done in a timely fashion or you scramble down to the very last minute, you got this.