For the holiday season, Netflix has released a slew of original movies, one of them being The Princess Switch. The movie, although new, borrows cliches from several rom-com's that creates an experience that is more rotten than fresh. Yet, I liked it...

The movie has a princess, a "pauper," a dashing Prince Edward (Sam Palladio), and a cute sous baker named Kevin (Nick Sagar) who, in my honest opinion, is better than the prince himself. But I digress: Vanessa Hudgens is the star of this film playing both princess, Lady Margaret Delacourte, and "pauper," the ambitious bakery owner, Stacy De Novo.

Hudgens' acting has never been the best (no, not even in High School Musical), but for some reason, she is incredibly likable as both Margaret and Stacy. With her pink two-piece and totally fake British accent, Hudgens as Margaret is laughably sweet, and with her flared jeans and schedules, the actress as Stacy is unapologetically confident.

The film itself is fluffy. While the backdrop of the story is the baking competition - excuse me, the XX of Belgravia - the true plot is the romance. The sets are less-than-quality but full of (fake snow), and through carriage horse rides and baking mishaps both Margaret and Stacy end up with their respective partners in just two days. Two days! Ah, if only love could come that quickly.

My favorite relationship, however, was that of Mrs. Donatelli (Susanne Braun) and Frank De Luca (Mark Fleischman). The latter is the assistant of the Majesties and like a bloodhound, sets to prove the switch up while Mrs. Donatelli bests him at every corner. I wish their banter was in more scenes, but remember: this is Vanessa Hudgens' story.

The Princess Switch borrows elements from other movies, such as The Parent Trap, The Prince and the Pauper, and The Princess Diaries. While the central plot is trite, it was not difficult to sit back and enjoy the movie. Cheesy as it was, it still made me giggle more than I wanted to - and I don't even like romantic comedies.

Of course, being such a sweet movie, I was left with a lot of questions at the end of the movie: How exactly are Stacy and Lady related? What about Stacy's bakery back in Chicago? So, Kevin didn't feel anything for Stacy at all? Why was there no transformation scene when the commoner turns into the princess? What happened to Stacy's rival, Brianna (Amy Griffith)? When did Margaret renounce her crown? And most importantly, when is the sequel coming out?