Every single summer for as long as I can remember I began my summer by writing my "Summer Bucket List". This list, that is always entirely too long, consists obviously of the many things that I want to do throughout the summer. But what is less obvious is why I continue to make one year after year.

Although it may seem silly to make a to do list for the one season where you are finally off (or at least less busy than usual), it is so important. Here's why I am making a Summer Bucket List again this year, and you should, too.

First, I don't know about you, but I am a summer person. I hate the cold 99% of the time and would much rather stay home in sweats as soon as the temperature drops. So, for many months I put off adventures to the warmer days ahead. Then once summer hits it is time to let the good times roll - and my bucket list guarantees that I won't forget a single thing!

Beyond its role as my constant reminder, my Summer Bucket List also sets the tone for my summer. It allows me to plan some of the greatest things I want to do so that I don't end up sleeping until noon everyday and wasting my summer days away. I often forget that summer is the only time I can do many of the things I want to and my bucket list reminds me to seize every single day.

Most importantly my Summer Bucket List gets me so excited for the summer ahead! Once I write everything down I am always giddy inside thinking about the good times that are so close.

Although I am definitely guilty of sometimes shooting too high and falling short of completing everything, (okay I have never finished my bucket list) it's okay! It is better to aim high and go for your best summer yet than sit around all summer.

And you can bet that one of the items on my list this year is to finish. my. bucket. list.

But now that you know why I make my Summer Bucket List, here are a few tips for you to make yours:

1. Get creative! Think of adventures you've never gone on but have always wanted to do.

2. Be realistic and set real goals. If you want to read more, don't just say that - Write the books you want to read! This will motivate you and make achieving this goal so much more feasible.

3. Get things done that you have put off for months. Need to organize that closet or drawer? Throw it on your bucket list and take care of it on a rainy day.

4. Hang it up! The best place to hang your list is right near your bed so that every day you wake up and find what you want to do that day.

Making (and working to complete) my Summer Bucket List is definitely one of my favorite things every year. I guarantee it will be yours, too - Get cracking and guarantee yourself the summer of a lifetime!