The Power of Content Marketing

The Power of Content Marketing

The Power of Content Marketing


Discover how we do it in Tree and the results in Sales that you can have with a good Content Marketing Strategy.

Creating an approach with your customers is fundamental and in the modern era, there is no better way to do it than through the network with a digital marketing campaign.

But how to achieve that approach?

Well, simple: creating the content of value in the network, that is of great interest and usefulness for that audience that you are looking for and that, in short, not only will you see your brand or business, but, a material that will contribute to your day today.

You may think that a content marketing plan for companies is very different from a campaign aimed at a consumer market, but it is not. Since, finally, those who make decisions in companies also search for solutions through the Internet find out more here.

With a good strategy that takes into account this, in addition to the tastes and needs of your client, you can create relevant content to attract leads to your website that, in the end, become fixed customers for your business.

Discover with us the power of content marketing and an effective strategy, evaluating our case of success in Tree.

# 1 - Generation of organic traffic

It all started with the idea of generating leads organically, and to achieve this, a marketing plan was established, offering useful and relevant content that would meet the needs and concerns of users. In short, this is one of the most important SEO strategies to improve the position in search engines. Content is the key to grow organically.

This is what we have shown since 70% of visits to our website come from organic searches, which speaks of the good positioning of the page and good content management with high quality.

2. Business opportunities

Having identified the potential customers and their needs, we began to share content to meet those needs. The strategy managed to convert users of the page into clients, since 28% of those who requested budgets or advice to the agency, found it organically while searching on the web to solve a specific need or concern.

3. The attraction of potential customers

To achieve the recruitment of new potential customers for the website, at Tree we take care of creating very attractive incentives for the users: multiple eBooks, templates and other help materials were offered that focused on solving various problems that the company came up with to evidence in the public.

Attracting and highlighting in the search engines is fundamental, so the strategy of providing something of value, that helps transform or improve something in the lives of those who visit us, has become the engine of content marketing strategies. Clients will be attracted by the option of obtaining the solution for a need and by assessing what you give them; it is likely that they can acquire the services you offer.

In short, content marketing is powerful and will help you boost visits to your business website. This is shown by the statistics since companies with an active blog at the content level achieve 67% more leads every month than those that have static or unattractive pages at the information level.

The content is the key to grow your business. So start enjoying the benefits of having well-informed users and empower your website with valuable content and quality before your competition adds to this trend. Both you and your customers will benefit!

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