The Power of A Man's Best Friend

Everyone wants someone who is always going to be there for them. Someone to make you smile, be there when you cry, someone to cuddle with. Well, if you are struggling to find someone who embodies all of these desirable qualities, look no further.

It is no denying that dogs bring a smile to everyone's faces. The furry little bundles of joy that are always happy to see you are some of the most unique creatures.

I think we all can take these little guys for granted, especially once we are away at college. Being away from my dog has really lead to some reflecting about the power of the four legged best friend.

Dogs will never be the ones to judge you and make you feel inferior. If you need someone to just listen to all of your problems, I highly suggest venting to your animal. They won't ridicule you or yell, and they will most likely fall asleep in your lap while you are talking. Even if you do not get your problems resolved, you have an adorable audience there to listen.

It seems as if dogs were born with a magical power to heal. I guarantee you if you are ever upset, even a little, google the word "puppies" and a smile will immediately rush to your face. I think the fascinating thing with dogs is their innocence and their willingness to forgive. No matter how mad you are and you deny them attention, they will always want to be your best friend. All they want is to lick you and play and jump around. They are so pure, not exposed to the stress of the world. They just exist to have fun. I really think we should take some lessons from them.

Remember to always take the time to say hi to your pup. For them, you are their everything. They don't know anything else besides that you are there for them. So, next time you get to see your furry friend, squeeze them a little tighter, play with them a little longer, and never take for granted that they are your best friend.

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