The Poet's Guide To SYRE

On November 17, Jaden Smith's long-awaited debut solo album was released, met with immediate fandom. We've seen Jaden here and there as he's grown up over his various modeling, acting, musical and artistic projects. Jaden's album SYRE is a deeper layer into getting to know Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith's son.

1. B

"Better pass it to the chief, world is tragic and deceased // cops selling crack in the street."

2. L

"But it ain't a problem, they gon' catch you // that's the mind state of the youth including me // we need some new professors."

3. U

"You are my wish, this is me with a death wish."

4. E

"Like why all these knives started falling from the sky // man, I'm doubting I'll survive."

5. Breakfast (feat. A$AP Rocky)

"So, you think you can save rap music?"

6. Hope

"Why do you even get passionate when you be spitting? // you know they don't even listen."

7. Falcon (feat. Raury)

"Syre, the boy who chased the sunset, until it chased him // the boy who had no fears until he faced them."

8. Ninety

"You only say that when you're lonely // girl, I'm surprised you even know me."

9. Lost Boy

"This is for the kids feeling lost."

10. Batman

"Had to save the day every single way."

11. Icon

"We should just chill and maybe take it slow // 'fore we get up there with nowhere to go."

12. Watch Me

"You riding waves in the back of my cruise ship."

13. Fallen

"Take me home with you // change my taste in music."

14. The Passion

"You know it's lit when they don't notice you."

15. George Jeff

"My name is George Jefferson // The male Maleficent."

16. Rapper

"I guess all this rock and roll shit ain't a stretch."

17. SYRE

"All he knew was that he woke up everyday // bleeding with amnesia and a case of new memories // that he had tendencies to mistake for fiction."

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