The abundant displays of disrespect and coarseness aimed towards women are no secret.

The most troubling aspect of the above harsh reality is that (in my observation based opinion), far too often these acts of antagonism and attempts to tear women down are originated from other women.

Feminism in itself is, unfortunately, considered somewhat taboo. The confines of the concept and the depth of its realm are grey areas that different individuals can interpret in different ways. In actuality, and what I believe feminism means to most, is the fight for women's equality on the basis of sex.

Because of our societal structure and the inherently patriarchal nature of our nation, women are often objectified, belittled, and simply treated poorly. As females, we can fight this battle to the end of time, but if we fail to treat each other with basic respect and forget to talk to each other with kind words, we will be cemented in a standstill. "A house divided against itself cannot stand," President Lincoln once said.

Although comparing the status of our previously separated nation to the current feminist issue may be deemed radical, it is the principle that matters. Being a girl is undeniably a difficult thing in itself. If you're too skinny, too fat, too tall, too short, too talkative, too shy, too loud, too quiet, or too much or too little of anything, you lose. Humans aren't created on an adjustable scale where you can determine how much of what each individual gets. We are born the way we are, and if you're a woman, that already sets you back.

So, the recurring question is; why do girls treat other girls so awfully, knowing how hard it is to be a girl?

I do not know the answer. I do not think anyone does. But the frequency of female despair and destruction caused by other women is, frankly and sadly, astounding. Every day, you hear about a new story about someone hooking up with someone else's boyfriend, or a girl negatively commenting on another girls body, hair, appearance. You see women silently rooting for other's failure. And you see women tearing other's down for their own pleasure.

This is not to say that all women are evil, praying for other girls to fail or get hurt. This is far from the truth. But the overarching approach and rhetoric women have adopted when discussing other females is detrimental to the mission of women's equality as a whole, and the advancement of girl's power.

In a world constructed against us, us women must stick together, build each other up, and remain united.

Adopt a more positive tone when discussing other females, as we are all just doing the best we can. Never comment on another's body, as it feeds into the objectification and unrealistic expectations. And lastly, just show simple respect for other women (and everybody)!