As the semester comes to a close, students around the world are dreading that cursed word: exams.

They are the part of the school year that students dread the most as we are forced to remember every bit of information we covered throughout the course of the semester. And while we may feel strong at the beginning, the odds of everyone still feeling as full of energy as the week ends and break approaches is a very rare occurrence indeed.

So, with the help of Mr. Ronald Billius Weasley, here are some of the ways you might be feeling as you go through your exams.


Without a doubt, the time before the exams is when everyone feels their most confident. There has been nothing to bring you down yet; you feel confident about the material; and if your school is like mine you had been fed nothing but happiness in the form of free midnight breakfasts and endless coffee (while supplies last). Nothing can get in the way of you and those exams.

2. When Did We Learn This?

There comes that point in the studying where not everything is as easy as the basics learned in chapter one. Material becomes more detailed, and sometimes if you don't understand one aspect, you don't understand anything else. Perhaps you had to miss that class and neglected to go into your professor's office hours to catch up? Maybe you skipped just because that is the freedom of college? No matter the reason, that thing you just read does not ring a bell and it is way too late to try to learn it all now.

3. Give me all the foods

It's been eight hours of staring at the same subject in the library now, and you're growing impatient. Your friends look like they are studying, but you know they are looking for any excuse to break. So what is the one thing that everyone loves and works as the perfect excuse to take a break? Food. Obviously you can't continue on for another eight plus hours without it - this time or the six other times you or your friends will suggest it to get away.


The test is hours away and that last minute cramming caused by endless procrastination is not working. Your head begins to feel heavy and your body temperature rises as if you just walked into the Sahara Desert. It feels like here is no use trying to learn those twelves equations anymore because you know they will all get jumbled up when you're writing them out anyways. Full freak out mode commences.

5. Here we go...

The five-page exam is placed in front of you and you can't help but look at your classmates to see if they look just as nervous. Of course, some do, but others look confident, holding their pencils and poised to fill out those bubbles on the Scantron with ease. This is it. This is the time you have been waiting for for weeks. It's exam time.

6. The Aftermath

Okay, that wasn't that bad. The studying really paid off and here's to hours upon hours more so that the next exam goes (hopefully) just as well.


What the actual heck did you just take? Was that an exam or a death sentence? When was half of that learned? When did you study half of that? Maybe that extra coffee break could have been cut out, but it could have helped. Okay, next time, the coffee will go and the books will remain. The next one can't cause that feeling of getting hit in the head by a falling anvil.

7. Losing energy

You stare blankly at the notes for your fourth exam in three days. Not even the free coffee helps anymore. Nothing helps anymore. Break is so much closer than before and it is all you can think about - the freedom from homework and exams and waking up before the sun. But you have to persevere. The only thing that stands between you and the first properly home cooked meal since who knows when. But there are still a few more exams that need to be taken until that dream can be fulfilled. Keep on keeping on.

8. The Final Final

Take a breath. There's just one more final to complete before you get to go home and have no more worries for four or so week. Once this test - your final obstacle - is complete. You are free.

9. Sweet Relief

Let out a huge sigh of relief because the pain and stress is over. FINALS ARE COMPLETE - AND YOU SURVIVED! Congratulations on a wonderful semester and lots of hard work. No matter how you feel you did, you can rest easy knowing there is time to relax and give your brain a much-needed break. Enjoy the time with family and the friends that you no longer get to see on a daily basis. Enjoy all the activities that you do in your free time but don't have time for because of miscellaneous assignments from professors that seem to have no idea you are taking classes outside of theirs. Enjoy the happiness that comes with not having 18 credit hours handing over your head.

That is until grades are released and...


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