The Perks of Mindfulness Meditation - Your Gateway to Success
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The Perks of Mindfulness Meditation - Your Gateway to Success


The Perks of Mindfulness Meditation - Your Gateway to Success

Meditation is the process of relaxing the mind and body and connecting the two to achieve a state of balance.

It is the art of exploring oneself leading to self awareness. Meditation has many different forms however, mindfulness meditation is the most effective with potential benefits on human health.

The Idea of Mindfulness

The term mindful refers to “self awareness”. In simple words, it means to be fully aware of our present thoughts and emotions. It is the exercise of training our mind to eliminate judgment and liberate the working mechanisms of the human mind. This practice involves avoiding all the distractions and negative thoughts to enhance focus and attention on the positive outlook of life.

Extraordinary Benefits of Mindfulness

Mindfulness meditation has a broad range of benefits on the physical, mental and spiritual health.

  • Primarily, mindfulness exercise keeps the stress away thus preventing anxiety and depression. A therapeutic form of this meditation is Mindfulness-based-stress-reduction which has proven to alleviate stress and lower the risk of anxiety related disorders.
  • Cardiovascular diseases contribute to one of the major causes of death globally. Mindfulness meditation reduces blood pressure subsequently reducing the onset of disease.
  • Mindfulness exercises elevate your immunity level against diseases. In a research study involving an 8 week mindfulness meditation courses online, a considerable increase in immunity was observed. Thus, it is a quick and easy way to boost your immunity.
  • Practicing mindfulness helps to keep your negative thoughts in check thus keeping you stress free which calms the mind and relaxes the body. This regulates emotions and improves sleep.
  • Another form of mindfulness, open monitoring meditation induces self awareness through divergent thinking. It plays an important role in imparting creativity and enhancing self confidence.
  • Mindfulness meditation develops a sense of resilience and increases emotional intelligence which are essential factors for personal development.
  • Socialization and strong communication is critical for a successful career. Mindfulness assists in confronting isolation and loneliness thereby strengthening social relationships.
  • Research studies highlight the significance of focused attention meditation, a type of mindfulness practice which remodels the brain’s structures involved in cognition. This practice boosts mental efficiency.
  • The most significant benefit of mindfulness is the healing of mind and body by connecting the two imparting a state of balance or equilibrium. This balance leads to inner peace, satisfaction and true happiness which are the pillars of a sound and healthy life.

Meditation Courses Online

In the current digital age, learning and practicing meditation is accessible to all. One can now exercise mindfulness through online meditation. Numerous professional instructors offer online meditation courses and conduct online meditation classes for beginners. Here are some of the best meditation courses online available for regular practitioners and beginners.

  • Foundations of Mindfulness
  • The Science of Well Being
  • Mindfulness in Integrative Healthcare
  • De-Mystifying Mindfulness

What is Mindful Yoga

We all are well aware of the benefits of mindfulness and yoga however, if we merge the two, a new form of meditation comes into being referred to as “mindful yoga”. It is an innovative approach in which we apply the conventional teachings of mindfulness to the physical yoga exercise. In this type of exercise, we learn to focus on our thoughts while performing physical tasks.

Some of the mindful yoga practises that you can exercise in your daily routine are as follows:

  • Mindful walking
  • Body scanning
  • Mindful breathing
  • Deep seeing
  • Deep listening

Moreover, numerous yoga meditation classes are also offered online which can be quite helpful in practicing mindful yoga for beginners.

Anger Management Training

Anger is an intense negative reaction that actually triggers the fight or flight stress response of the body which causes the release of stress hormones leading to frustration and agitation. Mindfulness meditation calms the mind and body which prevents the fight or flight response thus playing a vital role in emotional regulation. Anger management training also known as anger control training involves exclusive anger management courses or exercises that help in analyzing and managing anger in an effective and constructive way. One common approach that is employed in this respect is a form of talk therapy known as “cognitive behavioral therapy”.

Mantras for Peace (Mantra Meditation)

The term mantra refers to a phrase or word that is repeated in mind while practicing meditation. In order to practice it first you need to find a quiet location. Then sit comfortably and concentrate on your breathing patterns. Once you have settled, then start repeating a mantra that relaxes your mind. This exercise generates inner peace and satisfaction. There are various universal mantras for peace which are practiced in this type of meditation.


Mindfulness meditation can play a positive and constructive role in nearly all aspects of life. Its wide ranging benefits and long term implications on human health and personal development can help shape and transform your life. In essence, it is in fact the most simple and effective gateway to success.

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