The Perks Of Being A Morning Person

When I was younger, I remember being the only one awake with my sister at 6 AM sneaking quietly to our living room to watch early morning cartoons. When I started middle school, the idea of waking up early wasn’t the same when I was seven. I dreaded the idea and started sleeping late during the weekend til I was 17. Starting college, however, I’ve noticed how I wasted my day just being lazy in bed and my day being cut short. Since my realization, I've pushed myself to wake up early almost every day to do errands, early workouts or just to finish homework to have the rest of the day free of responsibilities. Since then, waking up for work has been easy and I tend not to ignore my alarm often. Nevertheless, despite having a nice sleep in here and there, I no longer do if often how I use to because waking up early has its major perks and here is why.

1. Early Workouts

It used to be challenging for me to workout at any time the day, However, waking up early and working out has to be one of the biggest challenges I've accomplished so far. It has become a lifestyle of mine to start the day with a health kick.

2. Early Shopping

I personally dislike crowded stores when I’m at the mall, however waking up early and going to the mall when it's less crowded is stress-free and easy to find things before people start attacking sale racks.

3. Complete your daily errands

Usually, errands take most of our time when you're starting late, especially if there’s traffic. However, I've gone grocery shopping or picked up my laundry from the cleaners early thought out the day and it has helped me get things done faster in order to finish my next task on my list.

4. Beach Days

Personally, I love going to the beach early due to seeing the sun rise up has to be one of my favorite things about nature, however, being there early just to see that is worth waking up early and of course you have dibs on the best spot to set your towel.

5. Free Time

The free time has to be one of the biggest perks on waking up early, Due to having everything done since early in the morning. You have the liberty to do anything such as taking naps or binge watching your favorite show, In other words, you have all the time to do whatever you want.

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