The Perfect Man: Daddykinz

The Perfect Man: Daddykinz

I may find a prince, but my dad will always be my kinz..I mean king

A few weeks ago, I was struggling with what to write. I was complaining to my parents about how I was rushed for time, exhausted and overwhelmed with the amount of work I had due. Usually, when I am in a rut or stressed about life, my dad is the only one who can get through to me. So, he offered to write my article for me. I thought that he was going to write about a hobby, his business, our family, the dog. It didn’t even cross my mind that he would write about me. Within minutes of bitching to him about my angst, I received this tearjerker in my inbox

So, let me tell you a little bit about Bellakinz. For the last few months, you’ve gotten a sneak peek into the beautiful and very active mind of my daughter, my mini-me, Sydney. I’ve watched with pride as she has poured out her larger-than-life soul so that you all could benefit from her experiences, literally bringing us all along as she processed the emotions of a break-up, loss, stress, low self-esteem, hope, love, family, and friends. Her articles portray who she is: unfiltered, unwavering, and inspiring.

Now don’t get me wrong, Bella can be a major pain the “tuchas”(this means a**). She talks and texts so fast it can make your head hurt. She’s stubborn as hell and has the patience of, well, me. I know this because we basically share a brain. The same beautiful, creative, restless, tortured brain. So much so that when my wife can’t seem to get through to her, she calls in the “Sydney Whisperer.” I say this not to make me seem special, or a better parent than my wife (which I clearly am NOT). I say this because I am truly grateful to share such a special connection with my daughter.

And I’m not being all that selfish. The way that Bella’s twin sister Drew connects with my wife is something I constantly marvel at. That’s because Drew (Emma to me) is her mother, maybe with a little of my goofy side thrown in for good measure. They’ve got theirs, and we’ve got ours. We all love each other, but we respect the special bonds. Now, my son will have something to say about all of this, of course, but let’s leave that for another article.

Bella, I am so proud of the young woman you have become. You are uniquely you, which means a little bit of me will go with you wherever life takes you. I cannot wait to watch, listen and read about all the places you will go (Amsterdam), people you will meet, and lives you will impact. Don’t change for anyone.

Honestly, what my Dad wrote sums up our relationship to a T. I don't know how I'm going to follow that. So there isn’t much detail that I could add that would describe us better. Rather, this is my time to formally and publicly thank him. (Although I don’t think it could ever do him justice)


Thank you for being my best friend and giving me back rubs, even in my most spoiled state. Thank you for showering me with love and always having faith in me. Thank you for pushing me to victory when I couldn’t see the finish line myself. I don’t know what I would do without you picking me up when I fall. There is no one else on this planet that can calm me down the way that you do.

Thank you for making it impossible for anyone to measure up to you. I honestly do not know who I would be without you. I don’t think you understand how fortunate I am to have gotten your humor. (Even though I pride myself on being funnier and Mama will attest to that.) Thank you for giving me my tiny gene and teaching me how to scurry our little bodies through the world together. My life is as incredible as it is because of YOU and I never allow that to slip my mind. Thank you for being my mind reader and psychiatrist—notice I didn’t say psychologist—because you pay for my prescriptions as well as talk me off the ledge.

Most importantly, thank you more than anything for showing me what strength is. You make me more proud and inspired every single day as a result of your patience, resilience, and ability to persevere. (You’re also smart as hell, something Alex was lucky enough to snatch in the gene pool.) At least Mama’s ditziness makes Drew and I entertaining.

Whether it be a job, friends, or school, I catch myself comparing anything and everything to you. I think to myself “What would he do, ” or I look back at your past successes and go from there. Nobody can tell me that there’s anyone better than Matthew Friedman and get away with it. You are an unbelievably remarkable man, and I can only hope to lead half the life you have been able to provide for us. Words cannot even describe how fortunate I am to have you as my superhero, best friend, teacher, protector, and Daddykinz. I am who I am because of you.

I love you. More.



Cover Image Credit: Sydney Friedman

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PSA, Parents, School Is Burning Out Your Kids, So It’s Time To Do YOUR Homework

With such a terrible system, things need to be taken into parental hands.


Student exhaustion. Not sleep deprivation, exhaustion — built from multiple losses of sleep in the night — is a fairly prominent issue facing society.

I guess the better way to put it is- you know there's a problem when nearly 20% of teens every day are falling asleep on cold, hard desks.

As it turns out, teenagers need around nine hours of sleep a night. With schools starting on average at 8 a.m. every day, students must wake up earlier. In order to prep for the commute, take a bath, dress up, eat a solid breakfast and drive down to the school (before the bell) — we are talking wakeups that could fairly easily hit the 5-6 a.m. benchmark. Nine hours in, that means that the time to go to bed needed is 9 p.m.

You read that correctly. 9 p.m.

Keep in mind that teenagers usually can't sleep well before 11 p.m. thanks to a couple of hormonal changes in what I like to call the Circadian Rhythm. Why are teens waking up so early? The answer is simple. Moolah. Money. The big bucks.

Or more precisely, saving it by using only one bus for a group of students, rather than three, forcing high schoolers to wake up first and elementary students last.

You know, the group of kids that actually do wake up earlier in the morning.

Of course — as usual with our education system — there's more to this dish than just the salt. More classrooms are offering AP classes now, which means more homework. Some kids will have clubs to run through as well, as well as being able to maintain their bodies through a sport or exercise.

Coming home and then having to do homework for the rest of the day means that they don't get much of a mental break to recollect themselves, run more on less sleep and, inevitably, begin to burn fuse full of pure exhaustion developed by a worn out brain that hasn't had the proper time to develop itself. All without decent mental breaks to help recover them in the process.

Let's also keep in mind that somehow we should have to get kids ready to be responsible when they leave school. And literally halting their development in the name of saving money doesn't really do that. Pair that with our broken education system and there is only one thing left to say.

We're leaving our kids fused out.

Shackling them in chains of broken tests. Chaining them to the gravity of the chair for hours upon hours, telling them what to think instead of how to think, fueling them with the idea that they have to break down to win and devilishly distorting the way that nature has wanted us to think.

We are leaving them bent to break, with no return for them other than a diploma folding them in lifelong debt.

We are teaching them ideas of life that are not true. That creation and innovation are not nearly as useful as an A. That you need permission form others to go ahead. That another will think for you and follow their rules.

In the name of money for the institution, without the benefits it has promised for the American people — wealth.

The education system isn't a system. It's a delusional path of rocks that eventually hurl the broken feet of those walking into a swimming pool without teaching kids how to swim, but how to get to the next rock.

So the truth is very blunt. A parental society that focuses on optimizing the child for such a blasphemous system of treachery is just as responsible as the society governing it. Kid's shouldn't be tired to the bone when they wake up for school. They shouldn't be throwing up useless information.

They shouldn't be thinking linearly. That's definitely a path, but a path to self-destruction.

So it's time to take it into your own hands. Begin teaching your kids the life skills they truly will need. How to think. How to reach out and talk to people. How to invest time and money. How to build character for success.

It's time that we teach our children to be healthy adults, not college graduates. There can be a big difference between the two.

So, parents, it's time to do your homework.

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