Netflix's 'The Perfect Date' Is Not Their Best Work

It was a typical Thursday night and my roommate and I were browsing through Netflix looking for a cute rom-com to watch. Before we could even scroll down, the first suggestion that popped up was "The Perfect Date" starring Noah Centineo and Laura Marano. Having fallen in love with Noah Centineo immediately after watching him play Peter Kavinsky in the absolutely adorable rom-com "To All The Boys I've Loved Before," my roommate and I were ready to once again be blown away by his innocent charm. We grabbed the Sour Patch Kids on the desk beside us and pressed play, figuring "The Perfect Date" would be the perfect movie for our night in.

After about 40 minutes in, we realized that we were gravely mistaken. While this movie featured all the right actors and actresses, we felt a little disappointed. The movie centers on Brooks Rattigan (Centineo) as he makes a stand-in dating app to pay for Yale's hefty tuition. He gets the idea after being paid for escorting Celia (Marano) to her high school formal. Through the app, he ends up posing as a tennis partner, art admirer, cowboy, and much more. The premise, while completely unrealistic, sounds alright for a teen rom-com. And yet, it wasn't enough.

Throughout the movie, Brooks is trying to be something he's not, pretending to be rich so he can catch the attention of a popular girl in Celia's school while ignoring his friends and family in the process. He's so stuck on trying to be someone else that you start to wonder if his original character is even noteworthy, to begin with.

He lacks the charm which he portrayed so effortlessly in "TATBILB," making me yearn even more for Peter Kavinsky.

And it's not just Centineo's character that's lacking substance. Celia's "I'm so tough and too good for anyone in this school so I'll pretend not to care about anything" attitude is unoriginal and straight-up annoying. There's barely any chemistry between the two leads, as they're both chasing this idea of who they want to be that they can't spare a second to think about each other.

My advice? Save your time and your brain from hurting by skipping over this film. The idea is good, but it's just not all there. Netflix has had some pretty solid rom-coms, and there are plenty more that will make your movie night more enjoyable.

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