The Pagemaster's Journey
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The Pagemaster's Journey

The Pagemaster's Journey

As my finger skims across the page,

I cross the surface into another realm,

The worlds flashing before my eyes,

A journey that only exists in my mind.

The world before me

Makes my soul long to be there myself,

With all the magic and friends

A younger me could ever wish for.

It is the people I follow,

Cheer for, mourn with,

That I seek to be with,

To share their mighty adventures

In their fantastical world,

Transfixed as my fingers

Hover over the page...

And when it's over,

I sit in silence,

My mind wrenched to the present,

But can never take the same journey again—

A second time feels like

Looking at a photo album

From a family vacation.

And so I search on

For the next adventure,

Holding my memories

Of that amazing world

Close to my heart,

As well as the pages that bind them.

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