I remember growing up thinking my mom was way too over-protective. I remember wondering why she didn't want me to go to the park alone at a young age. I remember wondering why she didn't leave me and my brother with babysitters all the time. I remember wondering why she didn't want us out late at night. I wondered it all.

Now, some mothers work, some mothers are a single parent raising children, etc. But, no matter the situation, a mother can be over-protective at random times even if it is not on a daily basis for everyone.

C'mon, we all know we drive our mothers crazy when we call her saying, "Mom! I need to talk to you," in a panic!

Imagine being a mother. Imagine being in her shoes. I couldn't at the time. And although I am not a mother yet, over the past few years away in college, I have realized why my mom was over-protective and how it benefitted me in many ways.

Of course, everything has pros and cons, but I realized in my situation the good outweighed the bad. My mom loved me and my brother so unconditionally, she guarded us against the world that surrounds us until we were able to guard ourselves.

There are some good people, some bad, but the world today is full of animosity.

By saying over-protective I do not mean having no social life, being isolated, or controlled. I mean being cautious, responsible, and smart. My mom was over-protective because she saw the kids whose parents let them do whatever they want their entire childhood. In the end, not all make it out OK.

As a young teen, I remember thinking she was so mean. I was so mad that my mom did not let me go to The Italian American Festival every single night alone with my friends in middle school. I remember begging to go to the mall and having a fit I had to wait a couple of years.

It's funny because it all comes full circle. Fast forward 18 years through childhood and you are sitting in your first college lecture hall.

I remember sitting in my news class scrolling through the local and popular papers last semester. I remember seeing the deaths, the shootings, the killings, the drug overdoses, the cancer patients, and so on. The world has always had issues, but today is DIFFERENT. Our generation and future generations are experiencing many different things from back then.

Did my mom save us from all the pain ever in the world? Absolutely not. That is merely impossible. However, I think it is important for parents to protect their children, not because of anything specific, but solely because the world around us is changing drastically as we grow older, and we need to be prepared for it.

Looking at my friends' parents dying, people my age overdosing, classmates being diagnosed with cancer, and many more tragedies, it makes me thankful for my over-protective mother. Nowadays, our generations are not taught about the things that occur during our young adult years. You'll wake up one day and just feel different.