Your entire life you look for that special person that may hold the last little piece of your heart that might be missing.

Growing up, your parents have said to look for someone who embodies this person or marry somebody who has each of these qualities, etc. In the end, your parents, nor anyone else can truly choose the one person who you might find helps to complete your life. Although my parents cannot choose who I decide to be with forever, they certainly do have a say so, an opinionated voice in who I think I should be with.

Keep that in mind, because here I have an open letter to the man I hope to be with one day, and spend the rest my crazy, weird life and stupid jokes with.

To the man who I decide to marry one day,

I hope that you are comedic, respectful, loyal and adventurous. All of these are qualities I hope the man I marry has within him.

I want to be able to grow old with him, while stilling having amazing adventures in life. I want to be able to crack stupid jokes and have him still laugh even though it may not be the funniest thing he's ever heard. Or maybe it doesn't even make sense, but I still want a laugh.

Respect is a necessity that I believe every girl must look for in a husband. If the man you marry does not have respect for you, or even himself, how will he ever respect anyone else in the world including your family? Respect, as anyone knows, is important in any relationship and is a must for marriage.

Loyalty with your husband is beyond important for a long healthy marriage. Being one with someone truly involves the strongest of trust and loyalty to one another. At times it may be hard for some to keep this loyalty, but you must remember that you both made that vow to stay loyal to the other. Also if you love someone so truly and deeply, loyalty should be no issue.

How is it fun to stay home and not try new things? Not very fun at all. Therefore, the man I marry will have to deal with my adventurous and spontaneous self and has to keep up.

I'm the type of person who can't just sit around and watch movies all day, although that can be ideal somedays. I want to get out in the world and travel and see/do new things. There is so much the world has to offer and I want to be able to explore it all, or as much as I can, with my best friend.

Although these qualities are not the only things I look for in a husband, they certainly are a start in the right direction.

To all you girls out there, don't accept anything less than the best for you because I promise he is out there somewhere.