With the end of the semester slowly creeping upon us, stress levels are soaring while ambition levels are rapidly declining. It's a brutal time, to say the least, but it is also the moment we wait for all semester because just after finals is a glorious break, well deserved or not.

During this week of pulling all-nighters and constantly calculating your GPA, we tend to all have the same feelings during exams: They're not the best. Correction: they are death. So even though, with the stress and delirium, it may be hard to put all these feelings into words, luckily one of America's most treasured pastimes can perfectly describe them for us: "The Office."

1. Summer is endgame.

How am I supposed to focus on content analysis with summer being so close?

2. Emotional and spiritual death is actual endgame.

Unfortunately, this is true.

3. When someone makes a Quizlet for the entire final and shares it with the whole class.

God bless that beautiful soul.

4. Trying to convince yourself that you can pass all your exams.

Self-encouragement is very important to prevent yourself from drowning in stress.

5. When your professor reminds you that the final is cumulative.

6. When your study group knows the material a lot better than you do.

There is no shame in asking your classmates for help!

7. When you don't even know the answer to the first question.

^ ^ ^ Me to my last two brain cells.

8. When your "easy" class ends up having the most difficult final.

Don't you just love these little surprises? :,)

9. That feeling you get after acing your final.

A rare, but much appreciated feeling.

10. When you can't bear to see another scantron.


11. When the information you studied the most is barely on the final.

12. When the delirium starts to set in.

One reason why proper sleep is important.

13. When you turn in your exam and contemplate your future.

"What if I just drop out?"

14. When your professor won't round your 68 to a 95.

The audacity.

15. When your professor disenables the "Projected Final Grade" option on Moodle.

16. When you hit absolute denial.

^ ^ ^ Me to all my professors.

17. When you realize there are only five minutes left to finish the exam.

18. When you realize you need to get a 103 on the final to get an A in the class.

19. When you turn in your last final.