You're wrong if you disagree.

1. Dwight NBC

Just him as a character nothing else. Beets. Bears. Battlestar Galactica..

2. Jim + Dwight Pranks


Honestly, thier bromance makes me cry.

3. Jim + Pam's relationship


The amazing thing about the show.

4. Stanley


He is the epitome of our mood at college.

5. Michael and Holly


The ultimate couple.

6. Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration

Phyllis and him are wild.

7. Angela + Dwight's Affairs



8. Toby. Period.

Facts. Actually, I think Michael would kill me for glorifying Toby with his own bullet point so maybe I should have wrote the Scranton Strangler.

9. Sabre

This period of the show is a dark time for The Office fans, bur we try to get over it. It's okay. It happened.

10. The family and fandom that its created is bigger than this planet.


There's a true lifeline to The Office, because it makes you cry, love, and hate the show all at once.