Here we have it folks. An entire list of truly iconic Office bops.


Straight Outta Scranton (Lazy Scranton) - Michael and Dwight

Season 3 Episode 8

ICONIC. Truly depicts life in the electric city.

Watch it on Youtube here.

Goodbye Toby - Michael

Season 4 Episode 19

A beautiful tribute from Michael to Toby as he leaves for Costa Rica. It truly shows Michael's love and compassion for Toby.

Watch it on Youtube here.

Ryan Started the Fire - Michael and Dwight

Season 2 Episode 4

Never forget when Ryan burnt his pita... R.I.P. Pita.

Watch it here

That One Night - Jan's Assistant Hunter

Season 4 Episode 13

In the iconic Dinner Party episode, Jan plays a beautiful song on a CD write by her assistant Hunter. It is so great that Jim steals the CD for Pam. What a romantic.

Listen on Youtube here.

9986000 Minutes - The Whole Office (Minus Michael)

Season 7 Episode 22

The Office members turn an iconic song from the play "Rent" into a tribute to Michael right before he leaves for Colorado. You're lying if you said you didn't cry.

Watch it on Youtube here,

Dunder Mifflin is a Part of Sabre - Andy and Erin

Season 6 Episode 14

A parody of Miley Cyrus's "Party in the U.S.A.," this bop was super cute and fun until they realized they were pronouncing Sabre completely wrong. Hey, it happens.

Watch it on Youtube here.

The People Person's Paper People - Creed, Andy, Kevin, Kelly, Darryl

Season 4 Episode 5

The workers of Dunder Mifflin thought they were going to get to make their own commercial, so they came up with this catchy tune to put on the air... Unfortunately, it never made it to a commercial.

Watch it on Youtube here.

Suck It - David Wallace and his son

Season 6 Episode 15

When Dunder Mifflin is bought by Sabre and David Wallace is fired, he decides to make a new product called the "Suck It" which sucks up kids toys. He and his son made a catchy theme song for the product. 10/10 would buy.

Watch it on Youtube here.