An Open Letter To The Year 2018

An Open Letter To The Year 2018

A new year, and yes that absolutely means new anything and everything

5...4...3...2...1... HAPPY NEW YEAR! For many, this is the most exciting countdown of every year… But why? What is the big difference between December 31st and January 1st? It’s simple, the fact that a new year is simply NEW!

A whole 365 days of new things to look forward too such as birthdays, holidays, yearly traditions. For some this year it may even be Graduation, getting married, retiring, going on that trip you’ve been waiting for, meeting “the one,” or even getting a new car. The opportunities are endless.

2018… You excite me! The thought of all the possible possibilities is amazing and frightening at the same time! You are a milestone year, and yes you are the same as every new year, except the fact that this is the only 2018!So start the year out with resolutions, or don't, but whichever you decide start out the year happy. Leave 2017 in the year 2017 and let 2018 make its way. The year 2018, you have so much potential, it constantly makes me wonder what will happen. The new year for some reason always brings up hopes and dreams, and goals.

2018, I hope you bring happiness and joy, with little pain and sadness. I hope you bring new opportunities in my life and keep my loved ones safe and close by. I hope you bring millions of memories that last a lifetime, so I can look back and say "oh remember the year 2018 when this happened?"

You are not just a year, a number of days, or hours, 2018... You are a sense of hope and happiness. You are excitement and opportunities. You are the chance to begin anything new life brings.

So 2018, I AM READY for you! Let the fun, chaos, happiness, and everything began, and never end.

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Hurricanes Lose Walker, Brown Jr., And Huell To NBA Draft

Despite losing three of their highest scorers, the Hurricanes look to make the NCAA tournament for the third consecutive year in 2019.

With Lonnie Walker (Freshman Guard), Bruce Brown Jr. (Sophomore Guard), and Dewan Huell announcing that they are leaving for the NBA draft, Jim Larranaga looks to move forward. Huell is the only one of the three that chose not to sign an agent. The significance of this is that he still has the option to return to college. Walker and Brown Jr., however, do not have this option.

Lonnie Walker had a solid year for the Miami Hurricanes. The five star recruit averaged 11.5 points and helped lead the Hurricanes to a berth in the NCAA tournament. One of his best games came at home against Boston College when he hit the game winning three. His most high scoring games were versus Boston University (26 points), versus Louisville (25 points), and @ Florida State (23 points).

Bruce Brown Jr. had a year that was shortened by injury. However, he still had a solid year. The Sophomore Guard averaged 11.4 points. His best games came versus Middle Tennessee State (20 points) and versus Florida State (23 points). Hurricanes fans were sad to see the star guard’s season end prematurely, but wish him the best in the NBA.

Dewan Huell, the third Hurricane to declare for the draft, had a breakout Sophomore season. He averaged 11.4 points. His best games were @ Minnesota (23 points), versus Middle Tennessee (21 points), and versus Florida State (20 points).

While Lonnie Walker is projected to get drafted in the first round lottery, Bruce Brown and Dewan Huell are projected to go late first or early second round.

Hopefully, the Hurricanes can rally next year and reach the NCAA Tournament for the third consecutive year.

As for Lonnie Walker, Bruce Brown Jr., and Dewan Huell, best of luck in the NBA!

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This Is Madness— A Look Back At March Madness 2018

March Madness Recap

March is the best month of the year.

Not only is it my birth month, but it's also the month of NCAA basketball Madness. The past few tournaments have been nothing short of fantastic, however, something about this years tournament makes it truly feel like madness. The madness kicked off by making history.

This year is the first time in NCAA history that a 16 seeded team defeated a 1st seed in the first round. UMBC took down 1 seeded Virginia. 42.19% of brackets picked Virginia to make it all the way to the final four and 13.73% of brackets had them winning it all. Most brackets, including mine, were busted after the first round because of this record breaking victory by UMBC, The University of Maryland, Baltimore County. That, however, was just the beginning of the madness.

One of the bigger stories of this years tournament, if not the biggest, is the fairy tail run that brought 11th seeded Loyola-Chicago into the final four. They started the tournament on a high note, defeating 6th seeded Miami in the first round. Not only did they win, but they won on a buzzer beater from near half court. That shot seemed to have given Loyola-Chicago the energy and confidence to believe that they could win it all. Sadly, Loyola was defeated by Michigan in the final four, putting an end to the historic run.

Team chaplain Sister Jean Dolores Schmidt was basically their mascot throughout the tournament, bringing spirit and energy to the team. Loyola-Chicago also took down the 3rd seeded Tennessee in the second round, only two days after defeating Miami at the buzzer. This Loyola took the lead after a huge shot with 3.3 seconds left and they were able to hold off Tennessee until the buzzer. No one will forget the name Loyola-Chicago. One of the best games of the tournament was undoubtedly Buffalo against Arizona. 13th seeded Buffalo made an amazing second half comeback to defeat 4th seeded Arizona. Not only was Arizona the seventh most popular pick to win it all, but only 5.4% of brackets picked Buffalo to win in the first round. Buffalo won the game 89-68, completely blowing Arizona out of the water.

Finally, another unforgettable upset came at the hands of 11th seeded Syracuse. Syracuse was able to defeat 3rd seeded Michigan State. Michigan State was a popular pick to win it all because of their defense. However, it was not enough to stop Syracuse from winning 55-53. This was possibly the most exciting defensive game of the tournament, with a total of only 108 points. If the finals is anywhere as exciting as the beginning to the tournament was, then fans are in for a treat. Villanova takes on Michigan on Monday, April 2nd.

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