Are you bored? Do not worry. If you finish your lunch and you want to distract yourself for a while, here we suggest some pages to finish the digestion with tranquility.


We started with one of the oldest of this list. Stumble-upon is already 12 years old and could be considered, in this way, we know many parents of social networks. The system is simple: you become a user, you create your profile with the topic that interests you and you begin the stumble on the web. Stumble-upon is an engine that allows users to save pages or content that they find interesting. They qualified it; add categories and they are saved.


The page of mini-games is excellence. You have arcade games, board games; puzzle games, adventure games, casino games, hidden games. As if that were not enough, it includes a chat to meet other people related to these mini-games.

Asiana Circus

Asiana Circus to inspire all customers to look between the cracks and find the magic in everyday life; let it be on foreign land, just around the corner or in another universe. We want to motivate you to open up to new adventures and encourage you to discover and experience other arts, entertainment, cultures, food, literature, and travel in a new light. You will find here best places, the motivation for unusual holidays, & a selection of best hotels everything & anything from the conventional to the curious to help you have a one of kind patience on your next trip. We hope to motivate you to transit more, live more, & love more.


As its name suggests, Archive is a digital archive full of books, movies, and music free to remain for posterity. The key is to know how to search. For example, accounts with more than 3 thousand Amiga games, almost 3 million digital books from multiple libraries all over the world, or 5 thousand old movies.

Strobe Illusion

Do you want your world to be distorted and distorted for a while? Follow the quick and easy instructions on this page and you will flip. I'll bet you at least you'll pass this link to an acquaintance or friend so he can fantasize as well.

Here Is Today

A quick hobby that shows you how insignificant today is compared to the history of the universe. It will help you trivialize problems or get depressed, depending on the mood you are in.


This page makes you a random mashup with two videos of YouTube. And if you do not like the result, you can create your own mashup. Get ready for anything!

Bored Button

If all the others have failed to waste your time, it will not fail! It is a page aggregation to waste time. Just hit the button, and see what comes up! To me, in a brief attempt, I got a page that tells me what other people already achieved as they had my age, a digital version of the stone-paper-scissors, a game that tries to guess my location according to my cat-like tastes.