The Most Cringe-Worthy Questions You’ll Get Asked Over Break And How To Answer

The Most Cringe-Worthy Questions You’ll Get Asked Over Break And How To Answer

Oh, are you talking to me?

We all go home over winter break looking forward to sleep, a nice home-cooked meal, and hanging out with friends. The one thing that we could do without: the questions. Everyone wants to know every little thing about how you’re adjusting. You’ll get asked at least once by probably every person in your extended family.

Of course, you can’t fault them for want to know, but no one wants to actually answer those questions. Here are some answers so you don’t have to even think about it:

1. Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend yet?

You know it’s coming. You can’t avoid answering. So, you either say “yeah, his/her name is __.” and go on talking about when, where and how you met them and everyone will think it is just adorable. Or, if you don’t have a significant other, just say “nope, I’m focusing on school right now.” They’ll shut up and think “wow, they take college so seriously.”

2. How are classes?

“Classes are hard but I’m figuring it out.” You could even redirect the conversation by saying, “I actually just took this really interesting class on __” if you don’t want to talk about how bad you’re doing (this is what I’ll be doing).

3. Do you know what you’re doing after college?

“Yeah, I’m thinking of applying to grad school/law school/med school.” If you don’t have plans literally say “I’m not sure yet. I’m looking into a couple of different things but haven’t decided.”

4. Have you made a lot of friends?

Who hasn’t made some friends? Just nod your head and give them a questioning look, like “of course I have found people who put up with me. Why, did you think I wouldn’t?”

5. Have you applied to internships yet for this summer?

If you’re on top of it, go ahead and explain how you’ve applied to a billion internships and are waiting to hear back. If not, just say “I’m not sure where to even start. Do you know anyone that I could intern for?” Win-win situation.

6. Are you doing well, what’s your GPA?

Honestly, I’d just straight be like “yeah, everything’s good.” Leave it at that. If you’re really thriving grade-wise flaunt it.

7. Have you talked to your friends? How are they doing?

“Yeah, we text all the time. They’re good.” Stay generic unless you actually have shocking news about one of your friends.

You can either take these suggestions or come up with complete, blatant lies. Maybe it even turns out to be true, who knows?

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From The Girl Who Skipped The Party Stage

Sorry, I am really not sorry that I'm skipping the party.

What's so wrong with skipping the party stage?

I can't count how many times I've been told I am missing out on the "best years of my life" because I'm not participating in stereotypical college party-girl behavior. I have even been told that I'll have a mid-life crisis because I am skipping this apparently crucial stage of life. Really? A freaking mid-life crisis? Because I'm skipping out on hooking up with strangers and being belligerently drunk every weekend?

Naturally, as a 19-year-old college student, my favorite pastime should be getting intoxicated. For some odd reason, though, I find it hard to believe that the best years of my life are supposed to be filled with moments that I won't remember.

Because my priorities lay in a different place than the stereotypical college kid doesn't by any means indicate that I am uptight, boring or a prude. Believe it or not, I get high on life just as much as you do on booze and weed.

Spending my time reading a good book with my morning coffee definitely tops a nasty hangover. Cuddling with my boyfriend of two years undoubtedly makes me happier than any one-night-stand ever could.

A successful girls' night for me is filled with hours of "Grey's Anatomy," ridiculous singing to Taylor Swift, and one-too-many slices of pizza — not dancing with girls that I barely know at a frat party.

Sorry, but if you're looking for someone to black out with and compliment your dress that is just too tight, I am not your girl. Want to have an actual discussion? Want to go to dinner, maybe even take a road trip? I am totes down for that.

When I look back on the best years of my life, I want my mind to be filled with memories that will bring a smile to my face — not a cringe.

Sorry, I am really not sorry that I'm skipping the party.

Cover Image Credit: Flickr

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Dear Incoming freshmen

Hello Baby Gulls!


Dear incoming freshmen,

First of all I want to welcome all of you to the nest, you are now baby gulls and will be starting a new chapter of your lives. You have accomplished the chapter of high school wither it was the worst part of your life or the best it's done over with. Now though it is time to start thinking about your future. I will start by saying that when you made the choice to come to Endicott you where not just making the choice to continue your story, but you made the choice to meet new friends, expand your horizons and most importantly you made the choice to find what you. I am not going to write to you guys and tell you everything that I should know about the school you will learn all that in orientation, also I am not going to pretend I know everything about Endicott because frankly I don't as it is i am only a Sophomore and don't know as much as a I should. What I am going to tell you is this college is a whole new ball game with curves balls and pop flys thrown at you at every direction, it can be scary. I know I was scared when I first entered college and now I cant wait to go back it's crazy, like really it is. As your go through freshman year though try to remember some of these key points. Get involved, Im not talking get involved with a girl or a guy, but hey if that happens that awesome what I mean is this join clubs, or even sport try something that you haven't even done before, who knows you might be killer at it. Really though don't be afraid to try new things. My next nugget of advice i have for you is this keep an open mind about friends. Like I said college is a new ball game that means you are stepping into a game where nobody knows you, you can make yourself who ever you want to be, just don't forget your morals. Don't forget you have the billowy to walk away form anything you don't want to do. there are all different people in college they come from different places and have been raised differently from you it doesn't mean they are wrong in there thoughts or actions. Just keep an open mind about people and who knows maybe you will meet your new best friend. Okay lets move on to roommates, now i know some on you have already picked your roommates which fro you guys thats killer and nice job, but for those of us that are going random that is great to there is nothing wrong with that, but here is the best advice i can give you about going random. Talk to your roommate before you start the school year. When you first move in you will have what is called a roommate agreement this just lists the rules of the room that you and your roommates or roommates set up, really think about this and do not just agree with what one person wants to do. Remember you guys are going to be living with each other for the next year, you don't want to be fighting all the time. Okay guys I don't want to give away all my advice, but i wish you guys that best and wish you luck on this new chapter of your life, its going to be a rollercoster you will get flipped turned and maybe even fly out of the set, but also remember that college is a fun time so enjoy it while you can because its going to fly by. Once again welcome to the nest!

Cover Image Credit:

Kayla Whitcher

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