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The Month Of April For A College Student As Told By Chandler Bing

Could you BE anymore stressed?

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April. It's the time of the school year where every college student is hanging by a thread.

The weather is warm, the classrooms are warmer. Partying is an option at any given moment, but unfortunately, all of those exams, group projects and looming finals do not give af. This dynamic creates a certain type of pain only those living through it can manage to explain.

That is, of course, in addition to Chandler Bing (some of you may know him as Chanandler Bong), who can always help us empathize during times like these.

1. When your professor assigns that last reading assignment


2. When people keep telling you they're done with their finals

Shut up

3. When all of the work gets to you and you have your fifth mental breakdown this week.


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4. After every single day in the month of April

Long day

5. Once the hopeless procrastinating turns into yet another mental breakdown


6. That feeling when you're studying for a cumulative final

Too much

7. After hours of studying, your mind begins to wander


8. When you're home for Easter and your family asks, "how are your grades?"


9. When you decide to try to test our your skills in areas besides what you're studying for


How about marketing? definitely not that one.

10. When you know you're going to fail, so you start to rethink life


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11. You start planning your death because you're sure you can't make it through this month


12. When you finish your last final


13. When the random kid who never went to class all semester shows up for the final and steals your seat


Bonus: Now all you can think is:


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