Afraid of what I would become,

I tried to rip my skin from its bone.

A small hand protruded from my belly but I

vowed not to let it out

My face was staring back at me,

It shone like diamonds, or rhinestones because something real wouldn't

be so evil.

A beam of light peered through the broken glass.

Bloody hands hung to my side, hurting, bits of glass webbed

in between my fingers

When did I loose control?

Straight hair fell from my scalp drenched in sweat

This is not my hair.

My hair is curly.... so I thought.

My mouth was in severe pain, I couldn't speak

Tennis balls lodged in my throat forced its way down my esophagus

I tried to swallow them but I choked

I coughed up mucous then eventually vomited

Hazelnut liquid.... sour and sickly sweet.

I laid on the cold vinyl floor covered in shame

and surrounded by trash

I hope my mother doesn't see me like this.

The bathroom is a mess; I have to clean it

My knees were bruised, I think I fell...or

someone pushed me

I can't remember.

"Vianka!" my mother yelled from downstairs.

I answered, "ill be done in a minute."

I closed my eyes and lifted myself up to the sink.

I allowed the cool water to run over my cuts.

I sighed.

When I opened my eyes, the bathroom was like new

My skin soft again and my curly hair returned

I touch my neck it was smooth.

The light brighten. I guess I was dreaming.

I brushed my teeth and hurried downstairs ready to eat Sunday breakfast.

And left the smell of faint vinegar.