My love,

My heart bleeds for you,

Slowly drowning myself

Slowly dying within my own


Every time I think of you,

I lose a piece of my soul.

A piece that is forever torn and discarded

Like a forgotten toy.




The drug was your true love

And I was your mistress.

She is the type of beauty that can only

Evolve from true euphoria.

A heart wrenching


Throb that has you feeling outside reality.

A “reality” I cant give you.

She is the perfect lover.

Her taste leaves you hungry for more

A salivation you can’t quench.

She wraps her ghostly arms around

You in a warm embrace,

One that truly open your mind and body.

True soul mates.

I can understand why you chose her.

Her body curves graciously with every


Her tongue whispers such spells I could never


She makes you



Beg for more.

She knows where to touch you

Where to kiss you

Where to fuck you

An existential orgasm.

Something inconceivable by any


You slinked out late at night to indulge in our forbidden love.

You hid our secret to preserve your addiction.

You inject your veins with a feeling I will never give you.

When you are with her,

I become an anomaly.

Our past

Our love

Our memories

Cannot be found

At the bottom of a pipe

At the bottom of a handle

At the bottom of a bottle.

I only wish you could have loved me as much as you loved her.

Maybe if you did

We would still be together.

We would create our own beautiful reality

Our own toxic love story.

The crossing of the stars

Creating a downward spiral

That ends in dystopia.

But it would be ours.

It would be us.

It would be beautiful.

Because it would be with you.