To The Man Waving The Confederate Flag
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To The Man Waving The Confederate Flag

I hope you realize what you're waving.

To The Man Waving The Confederate Flag
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I see your truck parked in my neighborhood every day, which wouldn't bother me a bit, but you have an obnoxiously large confederate flag stationed on the back. That bothers me. When I later discovered who you are and realized you are a classmate of mine, I was appalled. I know you took US History since it is a requirement, but maybe you missed the lesson on the confederacy. Allow me to teach you why you shouldn't be waving the confederate flag, since you obviously see nothing wrong with it.

The confederate flag was the flag of the confederate states consisting of eleven states that seceded from the union in 1860-1861. These states aimed to preserve slavery and political superiority for whites. Basically, white power. The confederacy set up a government with a president, Jefferson Davis, and a constitution. These states' succession caused the Civil War we all know about, four years of fighting, and the union ultimately prevailing. With extreme poverty and a federal blockade to drain trade with the confederacy, the southern states struggled. The confederacy also failed to gain the trust of African-Americans (shocker). African-Americans that volunteered for the south were rejected even though the confederacy was incredibly short on men. The discrimination became so extreme that the first draft was implemented which included all white men from the ages of eighteen to thirty-five.

The confederate flag is a divisive symbol of America and represents an outdated view that white people are superior. When will you realize that this is 2016 and it is time that we start being a little more accepting of others, starting with taking your confederate flag down? Since you seem to enjoy American history, why don't we think about theDeclaration of Independence, something our country has built itself upon since 1776. It states that "all men are created equal," so do you not agree with that? Do you not agree that humans are humans despite skin color? Or does the color of someone's skin bother you so much that you feel the need to fly a flag that represents the degradation of human beings?

I grew up in an area where students are allowed to wear the confederate flag on their shirts but can't show their shoulders at school. I also grew up in an area where seeing a huge confederate flag waving behind a pick-up truck isn't as uncommon as it should be. It's is frightening and saddening and I hope people understand what it represents before they choose to show their support of it.

I like to believe that everyone can be a good person, and I believe you are, but that flag on your truck gives off an awfully bad first impression.

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