Little Moments Of Bliss

I grew up always hearing that there are moments. Short and fleeting moments in life that will be there, and gone before you take your next breath. Gone before you even know that you are living in a moment you will never forget. But no one ever told me the truth about these little moments. That when you are in them, you do know. Even if it is just for a split second, you know, and yet, you push that feeling of awareness away. Why? Because in that split moment, you feel sadness.

Your eyes feel as if they are seeing the world for the first time, and your breath stops from deep within your stomach. Your chest feels heavy and yet you have never felt more like you could fly. These moments make you stop, hold your breath, and just pause. In these moments, you not only feel like life has a meaning or purpose, but you feel the opposite. You feel like your whole life has been nothing compared to this moment of pure bliss.

These moments, they truly allow you to feel alive. So why do we fight them? Why do we push away the blissful sadness? Maybe it is because we realize that they are fleeting and that it may be quite some time before we feel like this again. Maybe we don't push it away, maybe these moments just feel so close to magic that we aren't quite sure how to put it into such humane words. Maybe in those moments, we are doing so much more than feeling. For once, we are living.

I wish they would have warned me about that moment of sadness. The moment your eyes water and the smile breaks from your lips. Not to prepare, as there is no preparation for a moment and emotions so raw and pure, but because I would have wanted to hear their stories of what it is like to fall in love. Not with a person, not with a thing, but with life.

The purest, and most beautiful love of all. You, and only you, surrounded by the love of the universe. So, to my reader. I hope you have those moments of life that take your breath away. I hope you have moments, where your chest is heavy and your eyes are finally opened wide. I hope you have a life, full of happiness, and love, and even for a split second, sadness. It means that you are alive, it means that you are living, and nothing, is quite as beautiful as that.

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