The Legend Of Bear On The Square

The Legend Of Bear On The Square

Ever wonder how Bear on the Square got its name?

In Dahlonega, there are two festivals which dominate the social calendar. One is a reason to move away from Dahlonega, the other is a reason to live there forever. The first one is Gold Rush — an event to be avoided at all costs. No amount of fool's gold in the world can compensate for the swarms of yellow jackets, tourists and traffic that infest the city during this time. The other is Bear on the Square, which is from April 22 to 23.

This festival arrives with the spring blooms and warm weather. Leafy oaks sprawl like parasols over the town square, shading the vendors in their white tents below. It is a bouquet of barking dogs, hand-holding couples and children sporting freshly painted works of art on their cheek. The food trucks offer rare delicacies like corn dogs, homemade soda, cotton candy and fried Oreo's.

The best part about Bear on the Square however is the music. Street performers dominate the town square, each playing Appalachian and Blue grass classics. Every street has a musical group, but their chords never overlap or clash with the performers on other streets.

Interestingly, most people do not know how Bear on the Square came into existence. The tale is both local lore and historical fact, typical of Dahlonega oral tradition.

From the forest, a baby black bear ambled into a Dahlonega sycamore tree. This was not the first time that a bear had entered the town, but the citizens of Dahlonega were none-the-less thrilled. It soon became clear, however, that the cub was in danger and unable to escape the tree. His ambitions exceeded his means, and he flew too close to the sun. Many people who worked in the square feared that he might fall and hurt himself, so they took the matter into their own hands.

Everyone assembled by the sycamore tree, and it was decided that a forest ranger would would coax the cub down and then sedate him. The citizens then worked together to remove the bear from the square and relocate him to his forest home.

Hooray! The baby bear is saved! Everyone returned to their daily tasks, feeling connected with the community and nature.

The bear woke the next day with a hangover, in a part of the forest he was unfamiliar with. In typical bear fashion, he returned to city. We may never know why — perhaps he was hungry? Maybe he liked the fan-fare. I think he just didn't like being told what to do. Regardless of his reasoning, he decided to walk in the middle of Main Street and was hit by a car.

The little guy is commemorated by a statue fastened to one of the trees in the town square. Bear on the Square is a community festival about the citizens of Dahlonega trying to save a bear, and celebrates Appalachian culture, music and a precocious little black bear who united a town.

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45 Things Day Care Workers Say All Too Often

Toddlers are pretty much tiny, drunk people.

Being the keeper of tiny humans can be a very interesting job. You are constantly breaking up arguments, cleaning up messes, trying to keep them safe, and telling them not to do things that are well, sometimes pretty weird. They do and say the strangest things that'll make you wonder what is really going on in their little heads.

1. "No no no, don't do *something crashes to the floor* ....that."

2. "Bubbles in your mouths every body!"

3. "No, we don't eat our friend's snack."

4. "Hands to yourself."

5. "Get off of the table before you hurt yourself."

6. "Why do we even give them spoons?"

7. "We don't put toys in our mouths"

8. "Did you wash your hands?"

9. "Where do we run? Where are we right now?"

10. "Where are your shoes?"

11. "We don't talk like that here."

12. "Go tell them you're sorry"

13. "Get your finger out of your nose"

14. "Inside voices please!"

15. "Every one find a buddy."

16. "Ew ew ew, some body get me a tissue!"

17. "How did your shoes untie already? I just tied them five minutes ago."

18. "We do nice with our hands."

19. "Oh god, it's spaghetti day."

20. "Please, do not put noodles in your hair."

21. "Hold hands until we are on the play ground!"

22. "5 little monkeys jumping on the bed, one fell off and bumped his head..."

23. "Do you have to poop?"

24. "Well you should at least try."

25. "Why didn't you go to the potty before we went outside."

26. "If I hear "Let it go" one more time..."

27. "Hot dog, hot dog, hot diggity dog.."

28. "Mommy and Daddy will come back, I promise."

29. "No, no biting!"

30. "She had it first, you'll just have to wait until she's done."

31. "Ew, why are you dipping everything in applesauce?"

32. "Now, are you going to eat the vegetable with the ranch or just the ranch?"

33. "Then why did you say you weren't eating snack?"

34. "Put your arms back in your sleeves."

35. *Five minutes before closing* "Where are your parents??"

36. "I finally got him to sleep, everyone be quiet."

37. *You see one eye open* "Oh no..."

38. "Wow, all your kids are still sleeping!?" (We wish we said this more often)

39. "Don't eat that, it was on the floor!"

40. "Glue the google eyes on here." *puts the eyes anywhere but there*

41. "Stop fighting over who's going to turn off the lights, you'll get a turn tomorrow."

42. "Don't shove so much food in your mouth at once, you'll choke!"

43. "Chew and swallow your food before you get up."

45. "Don't touch anything until we wash your hands!"

As weird as these small people are, they are some of the sweetest beings on the planet. And although they drive you crazy, at the end of the day, they make you love your job.

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To Pollen, As You Ruin My Life

Global warming seems to be great for your business.

Dear pollen,

When did you decide to make my car your breeding ground? I do not recall you asking for permission. I understand you are just doing your job, but come on, why are we so incompatible?

You make me sneeze. You make me rub my eyes until they practically bleed. I am just wondering if you try to purposely make me sneeze uncontrollably at the worst times possible.

I try to appreciate the flowers and trees, however, they do not appreciate me. You are like plants' security system, and you do a good job at keeping me away. I wouldn't dare even look at a flower. Blowing a dandelion to make a wish would most likely put me in anaphylactic shock.

By the way, are you stalking me? Everywhere I go, you are always there. I even see you in my bed sometimes... you infiltrate the air I need to breathe. Not to mention, you are obsessed with making me sneeze. Who enjoys making people's eyes red and itchy?

It must be nice being you. Not only do you bathe in flower nectar all day, but you vacation anywhere you please and get free transportation from the bees. If no bees are available, you have no issue riding on "Spring Breeze airlines" and flying right through my hair.

Excuse me for being the interruption to delay your flight. It seems you are also pretty good with the ladies. You bounce around from flower to flower sprinkling your yellow powder everywhere in order to produce new seeds.

However, it must be hard dealing with so many pregnant flowers! I can imagine they are quite needy.

You are really strong this year. There must have been a lot of hiring in the winter off-season. The pollen industry is really booming. Is there a new boss in charge? Global warming seems to be great for your business. Like most businessmen, you do an amazing job at irritating everyone.

Thank you for strengthening my relationship with tissues. During the spring, a box of tissues and I go together like cookies and milk. I wouldn't dare go out without a few tissues by my side. I guess tissues are just the new spring trendy accessory.

Also, thanks for all the blessings! When you make me sneeze over and over, people feel obligated to bless me. It really puts me on the spot, but I should start counting my blessings.

I have battled you every spring, and I always lose. Not even your biggest enemies; Claritin, Allegra or Zyrtec can stop you from your vicious attacks. Every year, I hope we can work out our differences, but unfortunately, you do not feel the same way. I will be waiting if you ever come around.


Seasonal allergy survivor

Cover Image Credit: Pixababy

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