The Last Few Weeks of Summer As Told By The Office

The Last Few Weeks of Summer As Told By The Office

The few weeks before heading back to school are filled with many emotions.

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The last few weeks of summer before heading back to college can get weird. Finding a balance between making some extra money before blowing it all school, spending time with your home friends, and packing your entire life away can leave us all with many, many emotions. Luckily, the best show ever created, The Office, knows exactly how to capture each and every one of these emotions. Here is the last few weeks of summer as explained through Office GIFS.

1. When you’re trying see all your friends one last time before leave, but no one replies in the group-chat about plans.

Summers in between college years are sacred. There is an overwhelming obligation to spend any hour you're not working some low-paying summer job or internship with old friends and family you can’t see during the year. Unfortunately, this is definitely easier said than done.

2. Recognizing and accepting the fact that your alcohol consumption is about to triple within the next few weeks, and hoping that your body can handle it.

“Beer me strength” indeed, Jim.

3. When you check how much tuition is going to cost for the upcoming year.

Somehow every time I log on to check how much tuition is going to cost for the upcoming year, it always seems higher….

4. When you want to take more days off from work and enjoy the summer, but you know that the school year is going to wipe your bank account clean.

Save in the summer, spend during the year.

5. The moment you accept that you must stop procrastinating and actually start packing.

Each year, packing up your entire life into large plastic bins seems tougher and tougher.

6. Trying to figure out exactly what you should pack.

We don't know either, Stanley.

7. When you browse online to see how much you’re going to spend on textbooks this semester.

Textbooks are not cheap and they add up quickly. Michael, we understand your frustration.

8. That burst of motivation you get before a new school year starts.

Motivation and inspiration tend to peak at the end of the summer. And as a new school year approaches, you realize that self-improvement is going to be even more important this time around.

9. When you realize that it will be a while before you can have a home-cooked meal again.

Don’t take your mom’s cooking for granted, because it’ll be gone before you know it.

10. Your inner dialogue when you so badly want to cheat on your summer diet, but no you shouldn't.

Summer is all about kicking your body into shape before the upcoming semester absolutely destroys it.

11. Feeling anxious about all the new people you’re going to have to meet during the semester.

Knowing icebreakers are in your future is never a good feeling.

12. When you realize that the summer went by way quicker than you had hoped.

Bye-bye summer.

13. When you realize you’re not ready to say goodbye to your friends and family for the semester, yet again.

Goodbyes are rarely fun, and the more you care, the harder they are.
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