When You've Found 'The One'

When You've Found 'The One'

Treat her well. Pamper her. Most importantly, never stop caring for her.

Once you've found the right partner, there are several things that you must do and continue to do to keep them happy. Previously, I gave you the crucial information about how to find "The One" I took some of my own advice, for once, and life is going well.

So once you've found the match for you and things are looking up. You have to keep it going, you can't put on a front to be a great person to get in a relationship, then let it die off. This mainly happens and ends the "Honeymoon" phase of a relationship. You can't just let things die, keep up with the cute phrases, gestures, and more! Once you stop these things, your partner will most likely become disinterested.

Don't let it happen!

Second, you have to pamper your partner. GUYS LISTEN UP HERE.

You can treat them well and tell her everything she wants to hear, but that means little, in the grand scheme. You have to pamper her - buy her flowers, occasionally show up with a gift, and put her on the pedestal she deserves.

Girls love flowers. Get them flowers, have them delivered, do whatever it takes - and don't say you can't do it. Buy her a cute plush toy and couple it with flowers or chocolates, it will score you points. You'll score even bigger if you remember your anniversary date or if you surprise her. Go out on dates, venture to places you've never been, and just keep the chemistry alive!

Never stop caring. You've already put the effort into getting to know your partner and showing that you truly care for him/her so never ever stop. Like I said, you have to keep up with all the little things. Whether it's cute Snapchats, lovey-dovey texts, or small gifts you will always be a winner in their book and it will ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS score you points when you do something adorable. If you can keep a smile on their face, then the love won't ever stop.

Cover Image Credit: Conner Blinzler

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Just Because I Check My Boyfriend's Location Every Hour Doesn't Make Me A 'Psycho Girlfriend'

No, checking his location every hour does not make me psycho.

My boyfriend and I have been seeing each other for a few months now. He has come up with describing my actions sometimes as “psycho girlfriend.” As much as this bothered me at first I started to realize there is nothing wrong with my “psycho” actions.

I don’t monitor who my boyfriend hangs out with and I don’t care who he texts, I trust him, but I do watch other things he does.

I probably check his location about once an hour, maybe more if he isn’t texting me back.

This isn’t some way for me to find out if he is with another girl, it’s so I can ensure he isn’t dead in a ditch somewhere. If he was on Snapchat five minutes ago but hasn’t texted me back in 45 minutes, yeah I’ll call him out on it but I'm not actually mad. If he is with friends and not answering me, it’s cool. I just want to be able to make sure I know where he is and that he is alive on a regular basis.

I make him keep his read receipts on for me.

I don’t care if he leaves me on read, I just need to know he is seeing what I’m saying. Half the time, I text him random facts or thoughts I have throughout my day, those don’t always need a response back. However, I do want to know he is acknowledging me through reading my texts.

Yes, from time to time I will spam him and make him respond to my messages so we can make plans or I can know what he is doing with his day but it’s not like I plan out his every move for him or care if he is getting drunk with the boys on a Wednesday, not my issue.

I don’t ask for all of his time or anything. I know he is a busy person. All I ask for him to text me back on a regular basis (once an hour to be exact), for him to allow for me to know where he is at all times and to get one night a week with him.

I don’t plan to show up where he is or anything, I simply just like to know information and get a weekly time with him. I don’t care if I only see him that one night a week, I just want one night with a movie or dinner or snuggles so I can get my boyfriend time.

The rest of the time he is his own person, and I couldn’t really care less about what he does in that time.

Cover Image Credit: Grace Wilkowski

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Poetry on Odyssey: Infatuation

One more love poem.

Perhaps the most popular genre of poetry is love poetry. Often being the inspiration of many writers, love has driven poets to make copious attempts at capturing the true beauty of being in love. There are many who argue that there are far too many love poems already in existence. I disagree. Here is one more of those poems.


It was more than love.

It was joy.

Being with you, each moment spent,

It was a pleasure.

I treasure every second

I spend in your space,

Your face, a work of art

That made even the smartest critics go dumb in awe of your glory.

It was more than love.

It was comfort.

I was at home in your arms,

And in touch with your soul.

Your kindred demeanor and laughter filled attitude

Lift me up, and send me reeling.

I am beyond entranced; I'm enamored, I'm dizzy.

Your laughter, like a soft, comforting wind the holds me,

Teaches me how to sing.

Your voice, the voice of heaven;

God's last ambassador to earth.

You sing the song of angels when you speak.

I have to say this, all of this,

It is my confession of adoration;

My feeling of affliction, of affection,

My desire of amorous connection.

Please know, if you ask for my heart,

It's yours in an instant.

Being around you, it soothes my soul

And consoles my whole being.

28 I write all this, and I wish I told you.

Even as I write, I wish I could hold you

Close and tell you how

You drive me crazy, and keep me sane.

Anyway, that's all I've got,

But I pray, tomorrow, there'll be more.

Cover Image Credit: Emmanuel Phaeton

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